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This is not because of the Blockade

The economic blockade against Venezuela is the most cowardly and brutal way of executing extermination measures against a people, although in general, the magnitude of its negative effects is not perceived because they are covert and undeclared wars against the civilian population. They are slow and massive assassinations against peoples outside of all human ethics that are executed through financial and commercial mechanisms, carried out by representatives of the imperialist governments dressed in suits and ties (such as William Brownfield, Mike Pence, Craig Faller, Marco Rubio, William Barr -the prosecutor who put a price on Nicolás Maduro-, Mike Pompeo, Elliot Abram., Etc.). It does not matter if we are in a pandemic.

The decision to block Venezuela (Venezuela “threat to the national security” of the US – Obama Decree of March 9, 2015) is simply made by Donald Trump, the global genocide who incidentally occupies the position of president in his country supported by all its national institutions and against the international will.

The blocked economy of Venezuela is restricted, there is a shortage of several products, the prices of many others rise, the state suffers the usurpation of the monetary wealth deposited in other countries (such as the 800 tons of gold in England, the dispossession of CITGO in the US and MONOMEROS Colombo-Venezolano in Colombia) and is a victim of the foreign exchange conspiracy. All these attacks are pain and suffering for the Venezuelan.

The United States, England, Canada, the European Union and some lackey countries of Latin America give themselves the right to deprive of the general world wealth to a nation that has the right to exchange with all the nations of the world in the framework of solidarity and even the same rules of the world market. The very basis of free trade that they postulate and which is not such, they violate when it comes to attacking their victims. And they offer rewards against government officials to intimidate and intimidate them.

It deprives the complete exchange of Venezuela with other countries, even those with which this blocked Homeland has no differences. That is, the world exchange of wealth and merchandise that has developed for thousands of years as a form of complementarity and mutual enrichment, is unilaterally deprived of Bolívar’s Homeland.

There is no country that at the present time that can produce all the goods it consumes because the economy has been configured on a planetary scale and each country has been adapting to that reality. Even with the discriminatory world division of labor, each state solves, to a large extent, the survival problems of its population through the world market [1].

Venezuela is besieged and persecuted. Caracas blames Washington for having destroyed its economy with a financial blockade; In the last five years, Venezuela lost 99% of its income as a result of the blockade, and in this scenario, President Nicolás Maduro launched the Anti-Blockade Law with which he claims to face sanctions.

Venezuela is in the middle of a war and the Anti-Blockade Law will allow exceptional measures to be taken.


Municipal Ordinance No. 409 of 11-29-2011, where it is decreed in its FIRST ARTICLE free of social economy, also called informal economy or street vendor, the entire residential area called LOS NUEVOS TEQUES of this city of Los Teques, Municipality Bolivariano de Guaicaipuro from the Bolivarian state of Miranda.

However, some officials of the Mayor’s Office of the Municipality of Guaicaipuro have dared to violate this Ordinance and have given permission for the itinerant sale of fish, which leaves all the stench on the Avenida Principal de los Nuevos Teques, against the will of the community . The Directorate of Roads and Transportation and the Directorate of the Municipal Police of Guaicaipuro, who have the responsibility of enforcing this Ordinance, do not act either.

They do not follow the line of the PSUV, where Francisco Ameliach and Diosdado Cabello have exhorted the constituted power and the militancy to serve the people; that when he screams it’s because he’s right. And you have to govern in another way. Hearing and meeting your needs. The PSUV can offer a new style of work.

This attitude of the Guaicaipuro Mayor’s Office officials is not due to the ECONOMIC BLOCKAGE.

In compliance with what was suggested by our President Nicolás Maduro, in his speech on 10/11/2020 at 5:00 pm, we denounce, as POPULAR POWER, all these irregularities through the media. We are building a powerful public opinion controlling the territory. And we ask our Mayor Wisely Álvarez to make this Ordinance a living word.


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