This is the best dressed of the year

Together with celebrity stylist Jan Thomas and KK, Se og Hør has listed 20 celebrity women and men who have stood out especially when it comes to attire and style over the past year.

However, only two are at the top of the list, capturing the title of “best dressed man and woman of the year”.

BEST CLOTHING OF THE YEAR: Fredrik Solvang and Jenny Skavlan are at the top of the list. Photo: Truls Qvale for KK and Se og Hør
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In first place on the list of Norway’s best dressed celebrity women in 2020, we find the very southern queen and TV profile Jenny Skavlan (34). This is her second victory, and according to Jan Thomas, she has been at the top every single year and is by far the country’s best dressed woman.

– That they dare

She herself says that it does not belong to everyday life with magnificent photographs with hair, make-up and stylist, even though one might think so.

NOT EVERYDAY: Jenny Skavlan believes that everyday life consists of other things than just glamor.  Photo: Truls Qvale

NOT EVERYDAY: Jenny Skavlan believes that everyday life consists of other things than just glamor. Photo: Truls Qvale
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– I have a more normal life than others in the fashion industry. I go to the office – whether it’s at Tise, Fæbrik or NRK. I do not live a life of hustle and bustle where I have to wear something stylish every day. But I make a lot of clothes and manage to snap a picture of it now and then, but then carry it back to the desk in the office, she says.

Receiving awards like this has helped motivate Jenny, and she says she thinks clothes are fun.

During this year’s best dressed shoot, Jenny Skavlan wore a fantastic creation by Kjell Torheim.
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– I do not care what is hot or not. If someone thinks they have to dress nicer because they are going to meet me who works with clothes, then I give it a go. I think it’s great fun that people are themselves. That they dare. Maybe they are a pear shape, but go with clothes that really fit a carrot – I care so little about that. It is uninteresting to talk about clothes that way there, she says, and adds that she would rather ask people what has happened in their lives, and what has made them dress the way they do.

«Best dressed women of the year»

1. Jenny Skavlan

2. Pia Tjelta

Frida Aasen

4. Dagny

5. Rawdah Mohamed

6. Queen Sonja

7. Gunhild Stordalen

8. Synnøve Skarbø

9. Lilli Bendriss

10. Marte Bratberg

– Styles I am not very proud of

The 34-year-old is not alone as the best dressed of the year, but has been joined by “Debatten” host Fredrik Solvang (43) on the men’s side.

He may be most often seen in suits, shirts and ties, but according to himself, at some point in his life he could have won a kind of NM in a polo shirt. Like most of us, he has gone through some fashion periods in his life that he would rather have been without.

TOP: Fredrik Skavlan tops the list as this year's best male dressed.  Photo: Truls Qvale

ON TOP: Fredrik Skavlan tops the list as this year’s best male dressed. Photo: Truls Qvale
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– I had a Levi’s period among other things. I pushed myself to Levi’s from head to toe. It was quite comical then, but today it might have been appropriate. It took little for me to jump on a trend. Had it existed, I would probably at some point also have been the Norwegian champion in polo shirt. So yes, there are some style periods I am not very proud of, and grateful that there is little photo evidence, he says.

«Best dressed men of the year»

1. Fredrik Solvang

2. Gustav Witzøe

3. Petter Stordalen

4. Nate Kahungu

5. Karsten Warholm

6. Herman Flesvig

7. John Carew

8. Chris Holsten

9. Kåre Magnus Bergh

10. Tobias Santelmann

About the award as the best dressed man of the year, Fredrik admits that it is a bit small, but an honor.

Jan Thomas thinks the host is incredibly good at dressing considering the role he has, and that he is one of the few Norwegian men who have realized that clothes have their own language, and that clothes can reinforce a message.

REVEALS: Fredrik Solvang is always tough when he leads “Debatten” on NRK, but now he tells what he fears will happen during the broadcast and what makes him nervous. Reporter: Henriette Eilertsen. Video: Julie Easter / Red Carpet
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