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This is the Danger of Leaking BPJS Data for the Community and Tips for Anticipation


Data on 279 million Indonesians was leaked and traded on the internet. What are the dangers of leaking BPJS data, and what are some tips for avoiding it?

BPJS Kesehatan claims that they are still tracing the reports regarding the allegation of leaking of the data. However, cyber security experts believe the source of the leak came from the BPJS after a study of 1 million data samples was carried out.

“If the data for 1 million (samples) is not related to health data. So there is no history of patients there,” said safety expert from Vaksincom Alfons Tanujaya, contacted by detikINET, Friday (21/5/2021).

However, Alfons said that the leaked BPJS data had potential dangers for the general public. What is risky is population data such as full name, date of birth, NIK, email, and cellphone number. This data can be exploited for a number of online crime modes.

“The result is actually more exploitation of population data and detailed information from leaked data such as NIK, date of birth and family relationships,” he said.

According to Alfons, we have experienced data exploitation often and it is even considered normal in our daily lives. In fact, this is the result of our data leak. Alfons provides a number of examples of dangerous cases due to leakage of personal data.

“For example, people can make loans online using someone else’s ID card, people can falsify their KTP and fake themselves as the person concerned, there is a lot of petty fraud in Indonesia eyeing dime with mama mode asking for credit, hijacking WhatsApp then asking to borrow money, stealing wallet balances. digital, and many more, “he explained.

This creates public distrust of the financial system, mutual suspicion, and the absence of good legal protection against data exploitation crimes.

“Because the quantity is very large and the authorities are also overwhelmed because of limited resources facing this storm of population data exploitation,” said Alfons.

There are three tips that according to Alfons are very important to at least avoid data leakage:

1. Do not easily provide population data

For example, if you are asked to enter a building for an ID card, just give your driver’s license or other identification to prevent your KTP from being captured.

2. Secure digital assets properly

To do this, don’t use the same password for various services and avoid using population information as passwords such as birthdays or not for PINs because it will be easy to guess. Use a password manager to store all unique and different passwords for each service.

3. Always apply the TFA

Make sure the digital services used apply two factor authentication (TFA) or one time password (OTP) and activate the TFA / OTP feature to ensure protection in case our password data is leaked due to a database leak in the data manager.

“Pray that our data managers, both population data and application data, will realize that they are entrusted and must be responsible for the data they manage. The government should take firm action against institutions that are proven to not manage data properly and place capable personnel in managing data. data, “closed Alfons.

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