This is the frigate Mndez Nez, one of the jewels of the Spanish Navy

The Spanish frigate participated in waters of Somalia in the anti-piracy operations that involved, in 2008 and 2009, the Spanish fishing vessels 'Playa de Bakio' and 'Alakrana'

The Spanish frigate Mndez Nez escorts a tuna boat.

Little has lasted the joy of our sailors enrolled in the frigate 'Mndez Nez', integrated into the combat group of the aircraft carrier'USS Abraham Lincoln', a colossus of 100,000 tons of displacement, 5,500 crew members and 85 aircraft, between planes and helicopters, most of them fighter jets F-18 E / F 'Super Hornets'. It is a privilege, even among allies. A sample of confidence and proof of the capabilities of one of the jewels of the Spanish Navy: the fourth unit of the five F-100 frigates in service.

The Ministry of Defense has ordered the ship not to penetrate the Persian Gulf and momentarily abandon the US Carrier Strike Group, which has changed its initial mission, a six-month operational cruise, by a gesture to Irn.Margarita Robleshas pointed out that the role of 'Mndez Nez' is to go around the world. It is true. But not alone -for that trip you do not need a company-, but interoperating with the CSG-12 so that, once the common deployment is over, everyone returns to their homeport. It is also true that our frigate did not sail in a threat mission, justified or not, to another country, but to training.

The 'Mndez Nez' had already operated with the 'Lincoln' in a preliminary trial, last winter on the East Coast. Return to your base in Ferrol, where you set sail again to fully integrate into the CSG-12. It remained moored and open to the public in Palma during Holy Week, in company of the aircraft carrier itself, anchored in the bay. Both sailed on Saturday April 20 to join the rest of the flotilla, completed by three cruisers of the class 'Ticonderoga', three destroyers of the class 'Arleigh Burke', probably a submarine (this data is usually secret, given the stealthy nature of the ship) and a supply ship.

When you rejoin the 'Lincoln', if the international situation is normalized, the 'Mndez Nez', after having crossed the Suez Canal to the Red Sea and the Bab El Mandeb strait towards the Indian Ocean, at the time by the Sea of ​​China and the vast vastness of the Pacific Ocean. When, through the Panam Strait, it returns to the Atlantic and its Ferrolan base, it will have completed the round the world commanded by the captain of the frigateAntonio Gonzlez from the Tnago de la Lastra, on the fifth centenary of the departure from Seville of the expedition of Magallanes that Juan Sebastin de Elcano would finish three years later.

This is the fourth time that one of our F-100 frigates has been integrated into the combat group of a US aircraft carrier.. In 2005, the 'lvaro de Bazn' (F-101) joined the 'Theodore Roosevelt'. In 2011, the 'Admiral Juan de Borbn' (F-102), to 'George H.W.Bush'. In 2012, the 'Blas de Lezo' (F-103), to 'Harry S. Truman'.

The 'Mndez Nez', delivered to the Navy in March 2006, has a few stories in its notebooks. The best known to the public is their participation, in waters of Somalia, in the anti-piracy operations that involved, in 2008 and 2009, respectively, the Spanish fishing vessels 'Playa de Bakio' and 'Alakrana'. It was the first ship of our Navy that, in 2007 and in Hawaiian waters,I detected and followed an intercontinental missile.

It displaces 5,800 tons.Its endowment is 215 troops.Its propulsion system is an independent mixture of diesel and gas that allows it to reach a speed of 30 knots (about 55 km.) Per hour. It can house two SH-60B 'Seahawk' helicopters, although it usually carries one. Cost 600 million euros and its construction involved thousands of hours of work in the shipyards Navantia de El Ferrol, whose region depends economically to a large extent on those state-owned shipyards that are an international benchmark in military shipbuilding. Many jobs, some of the highest technology, in the main industry and in auxiliary companies certify the importance of Navantia not only in the Galician economy.

The 'Mndez Nez' is endowed with the impressive AEGIS system of detection and neutralization of area threats (aircraft and missiles), present in very few Marinas of the world. On the deck, six modules of eight cells located between the can of 127 mm. and the forecastle can contain 48 SM-2 or 90 Evolved Sea Sparrow missiles, four per cell. The anti-ship capacity is in charge of two cudruples assemblies of 'Harpoon' missiles. For the antisubmarine fight, it has two torpedo launches with 12 Mk-46. Two 20 mm cannon and two 12.7 mm Browning machine guns. complete the armament.

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