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Unlike the sophistication of the craft beers that dominated the past decade, a simple drink made up of basic alcohol, carbonated water, and low calories makes its way. Is named hard seltzer (hard soda), it has 5 degrees, 100 cal and is suitable for celiacs. These times of fervor to lead a healthy life already have the drink that represents them. The ingredients are cheap alcohol, water, bubbles and a splash of something that makes it taste like various fruits.

There is no secret formula or aging in barrels or family that passes the know-how from generation to generation. The ‘seltzer’ is drunk from the can in the same way that a beer is consumed in a barbecue or in the queue of a joint

The leading brand is called White Claw, it is packaged in a narrow and elongated 355 ml can and costs $ 1.25 (just over a euro). It looks like an energy drink, drunk like a beer, and tastes of vodka. Here there is no secret formula, no aging in barrels, no family that passes the know-how from generation to generation. The differentiation, and this is the change with respect to the rise of craft beers in the two thousand and ten, lies in absolute simplicity. The seltzer it is drunk from the can in the same way that a beer is consumed in a barbecue or in the queue of a joint.

White Claw going straight. Describe the product as the alternative to vodka with soda. There is, in fact, already a name for the combination of vodka, soda (sparkling water to which baking soda is added to make it taste more salty) and a slice of lime. Is named skinny bitch, which translates to slim bitch: a terminology from another time that associated a low-calorie cocktail with a skinny woman. In the 1990s, attempts were made to have low-grade beverages to rival beer. One of them was Zima, launched in 1993 by the Colorado Coors brewer and very similar to the drink that has been talked about before, and another, better known in Europe, Bacardi’s Breezer. They all carried the sambenito de bitch beer. That was before. Waiters have long failed to place Coca-Cola Zero by default on the woman’s side.

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Consumers of hard seltzerAccording to a survey with a sample of 1,000 young people carried out by Bank of America Merrill Lynch, they are divided equally between women and men. Very different from what happened 25 years ago. Coors, in an attempt in the 1990s to attract male clients, created Zima Gold. Advertised that it tasted like bourbon. Three months lasted on the shelves.

YouTube, do your magic

Trevor Wallace, a youtuber and a California comedian with a million subscribers, he gave it a boost last summer without meaning to. He uploaded a parody video in which he mocked the drink and sales increased. Hala, $ 1.5 billion turnover in 2019, according to the company itself. The brand denied it was an advertisement. Wallace wanted a piece of the cake and started selling T-shirts with a slogan that he himself had created in the video: Ain’t no laws when you’re drinking Claws (There are no rules when you drink Claws). White Claw urged him to stop marketing. Months later he signed for Natural Light, one of his competitors. This is the end of the alcohol soda war.

Trevor Wallace, ‘youtuber’ and Californian comedian, inadvertently gave this drink a boost last summer. He uploaded a parody video mocking her and sales increased

The spiked seltzer, as this team is also known, had its clumsy moment at the end of last summer. The slogan that created the youtuber gave so that the policemen of some cities of the USA were made funny. Agents from Portland, Maine, released a Tweet in which they warned that “the laws were valid even if a citizen was drinking White Claw”. Norwood Police in Cincinnati joined in with a post on Facebook where they wanted to “clear up the confusion among young people, particularly young women”. How well we were doing.

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This alcoholic beverage with fewer calories than a beer is not the latest occurrence from California and it is predicted to be more successful than its predecessors in the 1990s. A couple of months ago he settled in the UK. Corona just launched its own hard seltzer in four flavors. Coors wants to redeem himself with Vizzy, which has been available since last month. And Budweiser, the brand with the most beers in the US, has created Bud Light Seltzer. Carlos Brito, general director of the latter’s parent company, admitted in the Financial Times his somewhat forced landing: “The same thing happened to us with craft beer ten years ago. We started from behind but we caught up. “

There are microbreweries that react. They play with the origin of the yeast with which alcohol is produced and with the additive that gives it the fruity flavor. One from Chicago, Solemn Oath, has incorporated Valencia orange juice in one of its versions. With how easy everything was.

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