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This is the modern sports center of La Laguna, Chalatenango

Photo courtesy D.O.M.

The Municipal Works Directorate delivered a modern sports center that will benefit more than 5 thousand inhabitants of the municipality of La Laguna, department of Chalatenango.

The DOM field staff began this year with the construction of this new recreation center located in the El Centro neighborhood, between El Recuerdo street and 1st North avenue.

The deteriorated facilities were demolished, followed by dirt roads, bleachers were built, a mixed field with a perimeter fence of metal mesh, will have sanitary services, signage, hydraulic and electrical installations, planters and exterior works.

The work also includes finishes with an acrylic paint surface for sports courts and where the beneficiaries of the project will be able to practice three sports disciplines such as basketball, soccer and volleyball that the inhabitants of this municipality of Chalatenango already enjoy.

Meanwhile, in the El Panteón farmhouse, in San José Cancasque, the lighting project was delivered, installing more than 600 linear meters of power lines consisting of poles, LED-type luminaires, transformers and lighting for a soccer field.

With the presidential program “My New School” the school is being built in the canton of El Zapotal, in the municipality of Ojos De Agua, and in Dulce Nombre de Jesús a modern clinic.

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