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This is the new stock that Yusuf Mansur has collected, the prospect is considered bright

ILLUSTRATION. This is the new stock that Yusuf Mansur has collected, the prospect is considered bright

Reporter: Dina Mirayanti Hutauruk | Editor: Adi Wikanto

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. Ustad Yusuf Mansur has added another stock collection for investment. The new shares purchased by Yusuf Mansur have bright business prospects in the midst of the online shopping trend.

Yusuf Mansur’s new preferred stock is ZBRA from PT Zebra Nusantara TBK. PT Zebra Nusantara Tbk (ZBRA) is a logistics company.

It was not explained how many ZBRA shares were purchased by Yusuf Mansur. What is clear is that Yusuf Mansur bought ZBRA’s shares through a consortium.

In addition, Yusuf Mansur sees the prospect of the logistics business in the country very promising, especially with a very large geographical area. Meanwhile, logistics costs are still relatively expensive when compared to countries in ASEAN.

PT Zebra Nusantara Tbk has a subsidiary DNR Corporation which is engaged in logistics online and offline. DNR, which has long experience in the distribution of medical devices and pharmaceuticals, has 47 warehouses in 32 provinces.

DNR has business units that support its business activities, namely DNR Distribution, DNR Logistics (DPORT), namely PT StoreSend Elogistics Indonesia (SSI), iPanganandotcom, PT Multi Transport Global (MTG), and also Global Integration Business (BIG).

“I see ZBRA through this DNR to be a complete part and can implement the concept integrated end-to-end supply chain solution for various kinds of logistics and distribution activities offline and online throughout Indonesia, so that it can answer the needs of the community quickly, efficiently, and at a more affordable price,” said Ustadz Yusuf Mansur in a press release received by Kontan.co.id, Tuesday (24/8).

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ZBRA through its DNR business can withstand the pressures of the pandemic. Rudy Tanoesoedibjo, President Director of DNR said, DNR made a positive performance despite facing challenges. He said, DNR serves the needs of the community with the application of modern digital technology and is also supported through a distribution network that can cover areas throughout Indonesia.

During the pandemic, DNR Distribution was quite active in the distribution of medical devices throughout Indonesia such as reagents, PCR, ventilators, antigens, and various vitamins to hospitals, health agencies, to pharmaceuticals throughout Indonesia. In addition, has also entered into consumer goods serve outletoutlet modern (Modern Trade) such as Guardian, Century, Kimia Farma, and others.

Rudy added, DNR Distribution also has infrastructure ultra cold chain storage which can accommodate storage up to -70OC. This company is trusted by the government for the distribution of Sinovac vaccine which requires a temperature of 2OC – 8OC in storage.

“Thus, with ultra-possession cold chain storage“DNR can guarantee that the quality of the vaccine itself is maintained so that it is not damaged during the distribution process until it reaches the community,” said Rudy.

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Meanwhile, the DNR logistics unit, DPORT, collaborated with Perum BULOG, which was appointed by the Ministry of Social Affairs as a transporter in sending PPKM Rice Aid Phase 1 and 2 of the Non-Cash Food Assistance Program (BPNT) non-PKH in 15 provinces.

The DNR technology business unit, PT StoreSend Elogistics Indonesia (SSI) managed to record 440% sales growth in 2020. This business unit has helped MSMEs to transition to e-commerce. SSI also collaborates with Perum BULOG in developing iPanganandotcom.

Track record What is clear and with long experience is what makes me believe in ZBRA through DNR and its business units which bring a new direction in modern distribution and logistics processes in Indonesia, “said Yusuf Mansur.

Rudy Tanoe said Ustadz Yusuf Mansur’s trust in ZBRA and DNR is an important capital for the company so that it can be the main one in responding to the needs of the community and various existing businesses in terms of distribution and logistics by implementing the concept of integrated end-to-end supply chain solution that we have.

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