This is the next Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3: leaked official images

Samsung has not renewed one of its most interesting folding mobile phones for more than a year. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip was introduced in February 2020 and has yet to see a facelift. This moment could be coming shortly. The leaks let us see the design of the next Samsung folding that probably goes by the name of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3. There are many details to be known, but the design is no longer a mystery to anyone: the leak shows official images.

Flat frames and larger screen for the Galaxy Z Flip 3

The images are not very high quality and clearly have been taken from a promotional video that has been leaked ahead of time. This lets us know that the Galaxy Z Flip 3 it is ready for presentation and that we could do it in the next few weeks.

The design reveals a change in the edges of the device, now being plans and not so rounded. This change comes hand in hand with the design change that the Galaxy S21 have undergone compared to the Galaxy S20. It gives a very interesting aspect to the new model and, together with the rest of the changes, we are talking about a very unique and differential terminal.

The part of the camera has also changed, as now the upper area has a side-by-side module to house the double camera and a outdoor screen for notifications. This screen was already present in the previous model, but now it is much larger to better view notifications and other content.

This screen is tactile and thanks to its size it will be able to show more information than the previous one. This means that you can read messages or emails without having to open the device, something that you cannot do with the Galaxy Z Flip.

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According to this filtration the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 It will be available in 4 colors: white, black, purple and green. They are not invented colors, since the filtration has been extracted from a promotional and official video of the device.

This assures us that this is the final design of the device and that probably nothing is changed. It is a matter of days that we can take a look at the inside of the terminal and also that we know the official characteristics of this Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3.


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