This is the quarantine of a Spanish footballer in Turn: “Here you do not see two people on the street, everything is empty”

Turn’s heart has been without a heartbeat for weeks. You don’t see two people on the street. He is empty, tells this newspaper lex Berenguer (Pamplona, ​​1995), who has defended the colors of Torino FC since 2017. The Italian capital of Piedmont was one of the first major airstrips that the coronavirus found in Europe: At first my mother he said to me: ‘Don’t be so bad’. And I answered him: ‘I will get you there. When it comes to you, you will realize it. ‘ Lex would have liked to have failed with his prediction, but since the first major outbreak in the city occurred two months ago, he knew first-hand how serious the matter was. At first we continue training normally. Although we didn’t play games, because in the end they were always postponed. Until one day they told us to stay home. And there he waits (we hope) for the happy pandemic to die down as soon as possible.

Right now football is the least of it. It has passed to a third or fourth plane. The most important thing is the lives of people and, above all, the people who risk theirs to save others. They are the ones who deserve good things. His approach to shoulder was by making a donation toSan Raffaele hospital in Milanand, of course, not leaving home. In the end, soccer players have purchasing power and you have to help people with whatever you can. If it is with money, with money.

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His flat is located in the city center. It is large and has a good terrace. In that same block of flats (‘palazzo’ for Italians) residesAndrea Belotti, captain and icon of the club, with whom he has quite a deal. Lex is not alone. He shares with Sofa, his girlfriend, who studies in Italy since before his transfer from Osasuna was made (the Turins team paid just over five million euros), these eternal days of confinement. The company comes in handy, because if I were alone it would pull my hair out. Well, and also with little Len, his dog: We take him out from time to time, although it is not advisable to go out with them much either because it is a bit of a hassle to clean him every time you return home.

Monopoly, Netflix, and the PlayStation (always with their friends), of course, take care of the rest. Also the daily video calls to the family, so necessary when one is away from home. I had never left home. I had always been in Pamplona, ​​with my family, with my parents, my coughs … So the first year I had a bit of a hard time because I was alone and my mother used to come often. Now I am very adapted.

Sirigu’s call

His routine starts at around 10. First of all, a good breakfast with eggs, omelette or sandwich. At around 12, he has to train, following the exercises that the club has sent him. And it ends with about 40 or 50 minutes on a treadmill to maintain physical shape: In the end you are an hour and a half doing sports. It comes in handy because you clear up a bit. From the Torino technical staff they often write to him regularly and the master,Moreno Longo, calls him often, just like the rest of his colleagues: One day a week we make a video call all together and train. It is very good. The president, Urbano Cairo, is always in contact with the captains and it is they who transmit their message to the rest. He likes football a lot, recalls Lex, already accustomed to that strange paradox that there is a majority of Torino FC at Turn and there are more fans of Juventus, Toro’s eternal rival, in the rest of the peninsula.

Lex Berenguer, during a match with Torino.WORLD

Berenguer was encouraged to leave Pamplona an Italian. That summer of 2017, apart from living his last Sanfermines (I have been a few when I was younger. So I have no problem), the name ofSalvatore Sirigu. The transalpine international goalkeeper had been his partner in Osasuna during the second round of the championship. One day he was at home and called me. He tells me that he was going to Torino and tries to convince me to go there with him. That there were good people, that the club is milk … And the truth is that I can’t complain. Until the coronavirus stopped the planet, Lex had signed five goals and three assists in the 24 games of the course (Serie A, Coppa and Europa League) and was only one game away from matching the 84 games he played with Osasuna.

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And that Italian football is not easy for a guy in his profile: Here, if you want to catch the ball, you immediately have an uncle behind you who is biting your ear. At the same time, he mentally reviews his last careers, two months ago, on the green ofSan Siro. It was the last game lex played, a lover of Neymar’s exclusive filigree and, also, of the intelligence and versatility of his former teammate Roberto Torres. All of this is now anecdotal. In the end, it’s just football. The important thing now is that we are all well and that we can return to normality as soon as possible.

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