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this is what charlie sheen looks like now

He was once the most famous actor in Hollywood, but today everyone knows Charlie Sheen only because of his scandalous life.

At the time, Charlie Sheen was one of the most sought-after actors, but in the 90s his career began to decline. The 2003 series Két pasi – meg a kísce gave her popularity another boost, but even that could not save her. from the full slide down. He has been in court many times for abuse and vandalism, he has gone to rehab countless times, and he himself admits that his biggest addiction is alcohol.

Charlie Sheen, Cryer and Angus T. Jones in Two Guys – and a Little OneSource: CBS

The now 56-year-old Sheen said he pulled himself together, and recently photos of him and his twin children, who he went to school with, have surfaced. The recordings don’t click here you can see it.

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