This is what lungs infected with coronavirus look like

For the sake of containment, this should be the equivalent of the deterrent images of blackened lungs of smokers lining the cigarette packets. A team of researchers from the George Washington University Hospital (USA) produced a 3D video of lungs severely infected with Covid-19. The modeling was carried out using a chest scanner of a patient.

The patient, close to sixty, was already in intensive care and required the help of a respirator. To better understand the progress of the disease, the researchers used Surgical Theater software which converts health data, such as medical imagery, into virtual reality images Objective: to explore as closely as possible the parts of the body In 3D.

The severity of the infection highlighted

“There is such a contrast between the abnormal infected lung and the adjacent healthy lung tissue.” You don’t have to be a doctor to understand these images, ”says, in a podcast, Dr. Keith Mortman, Chief of Thoracic Surgery at GW University Hospital.

In the 1 minute 40 video, it is indeed easy to see the damaged lung tissue which appears in a yellowish green. The infection affects both sides and spares no area.

Exploration of infected lungs in virtual reality

“This is something that the general public can watch and thus take stock of the damage it causes. It is not concentrated on a single part of the lungs but rather diffuse on both, ”adds the specialist.

“When this inflammation subsides, it leaves scars on the lungs and creates long-term damage. This can deteriorate a patient’s ability to breathe in the future, ”insists the practitioner in a prevention message.

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