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This is what people wanted. Meta introduced news for WhatsApp

Meta has introduced four new features for the WhatsApp application. Users should see them in the coming weeks.

For many people, the downside was that they couldn’t respond to other emoticons’ messages in WhatsApp without having to write new messages. But that is about to change.

“We think the new enhancements will help people and outline new ways to share them, as well as reduce message congestion in longer chats. These changes will take place in the coming weeks,” Meta said.

There are four news. Except ability to respond emoticons is about rights for group administrators chat who will be able to delete inappropriate or problematic posts from others.

The application will also allow users to send files up to two gigabytes in size. It will also be possible to hold new ones group calls of up to 32 participantsyou get a new design.

Four news for WhatsApp:

Source: Meta

In addition, Meta at WhatsApp focused on simplifying conversations across multiple groups. Different groups will be able to group into supergroups called communities. The function responds, for example, to the experience of home office or distance learning, when discussion groups were established, for example, for individual classes or groups of employees.

These groups will be preserved. However, they can join one community, where they will be able to share messages to all of them at once without having to put them individually into each group.

Facebook users know the reactions using emoticons. See how it works there:

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