This is what you should always do before and after wearing disposable gloves



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The General Nursing Council and its Collegiate Organization have warned of the risk of contagion from coronavirus that involves the incorrect use of disposable gloves. Especially at the time of their removal, when the risk of clean hands touching the contaminated surface is greater and, therefore, they can become infected with coronavirus.

They also insist on another fundamental aspect: the hand hygiene before and after use, a gesture that many people forget since, when using gloves, they consider that they are sufficiently protected and washing is no longer necessary. They should also not be used more than once. They must be thrown away after use.

These are the 10 steps to follow to use the gloves safely:

-Wash your hands before using them.

-When you go to remove them, first pinch the bottom of the glove lightly.

-Traction to the outside.

-Remove without touching the inside of the glove.

-Pick up the glove with your protected hand.

-Insert two fingers inside the glove that is still on.


-Turn around touching only the inner part.

-Discard in the trash.

-Wash your hands again.

The Council and the Collegial Organization also request an increase in the number of nurses who are currently dealing with the coronavirus in hospitals throughout Spain, as well as material resources, especially personal protection equipment. “We are fighting for our nurses to work in the conditions they deserve. They are under great pressure and are putting the health of their patients ahead of their own. The situation at the moment is critical, therefore, we must guarantee that the number of professionals and the resources available to them are necessary to face it. If our nurses become ill due to exhaustion, stress or because they become infected, in addition to new patients, we will have no one to take care of our citizens, “stressed Florentino Pérez Raya, President of the Council.


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