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This man became a fake doctor, collected 919 photos and videos of 35 naked women.


Fake doctor arrested for defrauding 35 women. Photo/REUTERS

SINGAPORE – A man disguised himself as a female gynecologist and created fake online profiles to lure women into sending pictures and videos of their private parts.

Ooi Chuen Wei, 37, from Malaysia managed to deceive 35 women by sending him more than 900 videos and pictures of their intimate parts.

He was sentenced to 40 months in prison on Wednesday (26/10). He pleaded guilty to six counts of identity fraud, with another 15 counts pending.

The court found out that Ooi’s scheme began in 2016. He created a Facebook profile under a false name, conspired to inform a doctor and gain the trust of the victims.

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To give the impression of legitimacy, he added men and women as friends on Facebook. He also created Instagram and LinkedIn accounts with similar profile details.

Between 2018 and 2021, he used the following evil and this modest: He would contact the victim on social media and introduce herself as Dr. Janice Lee Yan Hooi, a gynecologist at Gleneagles Medical Center.

He will send the victim a pattern of messages in Chinese, saying that he is a gynecologist and would like to share a medical plan related to the victim’s breasts and vagina.

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In his message, he explained how the victim would participate in a scheme he claimed was approved by Gleneagles.

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