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This man made a 27 million mAh power bank, which can be used to turn on the TV and washing machine

Merdeka.com – Nowadays, powerbanks are very important to carry everyday. At first, consumers were looking for a power bank package with 5000 mAh power, then increased to 10,000 mAh, then to 20,000 mAh. This increase is not without reason. There are more and more electronic devices used today and are so dependent on the flow of electricity.

Interestingly, one Chinese influencer has taken powerbanks to a higher level. Unmitigated, he made a power bank of 27 million mAh. GizmoChina reported, Thursday (3/2), the electronic influencer named Handy Geng uploaded a video on his Weibo and YouTube entitled: “I Made a Portable Power Bank of 27,000,000 mAh”.

In the video, he sarcastically mentions that he is fed up with his friends having powerbanks bigger than him. He wanted to show that he had the largest and most durable battery of them all.

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From the construction side, it can be seen that the powerbank made by the man bought himself a large battery pack. He then protected the battery with a silver metallic casing to make the design very similar to a power bank even though it was enlarged.

Furthermore, to install the input and output charging ports, Mad Lad installs 1 input charging port with 60 output charging ports that support an electric potential voltage of up to 220V.

He demonstrated that with his latest “invention”, this power bank can now charge up to 20 devices ranging from smartphones, tablets and laptops simultaneously. In addition, with the power bank’s high 220V voltage rating, it can also support charging TVs, washing machines and electric induction cooker pans, all at once without a major short circuit. Interesting right?

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