This Medical Student Surprised The Corpse To Practice Turns His Friend Was Murdered

ABUJA, – A medical student in Nigeria was shocked after realizing that the corpse used for his college practice turned out to be his friend who was murdered. The man named Enya Egbe immediately walked out of the anatomy class in tears.

Egbe, a student at the University of Calabar School of Medicine, said he spent seven years with his friend, known as Divine. While studying anatomy practice, Egbe didn’t realize at first that the corpse was Divine because it was stretched out with two other bodies.

As one by one the bodies were moved and examined in more detail, Egbe then confirmed that the frozen figure was Divine, the victim of a murder a few weeks ago.

“We used to go clubbing together. There were two bullet holes in the right side of his chest,” Egbe told the BBC.

Oyifo Ana, a student who witnessed the incident, said the bodies used for medical practice had bullet marks.

“I was very sad to realize some of these people may not be criminals,” he said.

Editor : Anton Suhartono


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