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This pedestrian crossing will cause a buzz in Liège: here are the explanations

This illustration (above) circulated on the networks this Friday and, as is often the case, went viral.

Indeed, at the height of the Citadel, on the border between rue des Glacis and rue Sainte-Walburge, you can see a triple pedestrian crossing … which seems to start from nowhere to get anywhere. Just, it’s a triple-passage that can be seen in the picture since the groups seem to be literally lost in the middle of the road.

Wrong instructions? Big mistake? None of that … Indeed, if the image made many internet users laugh a lot, the work done here is completely in line with what they ordered. Better yet: it is a particularly safe passage, suitable for crossing this type of wider road. Explanation with Roland Léonard, Alderman for work in Liège.

Refuge days

“This affected area of ​​the Routes de l’Emploi construction site is the link to the Citadel Hospital. And to be precise, the street we are talking about is still closed.”explained the commander. “As for the pedestrian crossing, it is actually designed with a so-called ‘island of refuge’, which will be located in the middle of the crossing with a suitable layer. This is a device used for the safety of pedestrians, when crossing they are very wide “.

The island indeed represents a stop in the middle of the wide road network, making it possible to help weak users who would be too slow when the flow of cars is high; a “rest” area that will therefore be pedestrianized, surrounded by barriers and where famous painted passages converge. Deadlock on the passage.

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“As for the jobs, I can in addition pspecify that this work will be completed in the upper part between Vottem and Tawes streets. In August, we will be able to start rebuilding the road and put an end, around October-November, to the work of this district. “.

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