This Porsche Cayman has the complete package: CarPlay, Android Auto, two cameras

As if the Porsche Cayman was not already an impressive car with regards to its equipment, someone decided to push things further in the technical department with a series of welcome updates.

The DMP Car Design experts have updated the Porsche Cayman with the technology that every driver would like to have behind the wheel, including a new main unit with wireless Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, a front camera and a rear parking camera.

While the front and rear cameras are obviously very useful, given the growing turnout of our cities these days, wireless CarPlay is the thing that will probably catch the attention of the most tech-savvy drivers.

Having wireless CarPlay in the car means you don’t have to hold a cable around anymore, and that’s a big plus in terms of convenience. Obviously, using CarPlay without cable also means that your iPhone won’t charge while you drive, so in the end you still have to compromise in one way or another.

Android Auto, on the other hand, only supports wireless connections on special car models with dedicated head units and Android phones. For example, Samsung’s latest generation Galaxy S models, as well as Galaxy Z Flip, support Android Auto wireless, but if you are using an Android phone from a brand like Xiaomi, OnePlus or other manufacturers, you need to stick to a cable.

As for the Porsche Cayman, such an update will probably not be cheap. The people of DMP Car Design didn’t mention anything about the prices, so you should contact them if you are interested in getting the aforementioned technology mix.

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For the moment, you can watch the video in the embedded Instagram post below to see everything in action at the end of the installation.


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