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This robot with ultra realistic facial expressions wants to become your friend

With the video presentation of its robot named Ameca, the English company Engineered Arts, specializing in the design and manufacture of robots, stunned the internet. In the sequence, we can see the famous robot, first asleep – or at least with its eyes closed – start to wake up and reveal a multitude of expressions specific to living beings. Mouth open, frown, observation of hands, forms of worry, big smile and even start, Ameca is surprising. The company describes it on its website as a kind of platform. It will be intended to develop future robotic technologies by implanting these innovations directly in the robot.

A real feeling of interaction

The company’s slogan, “An artificial intelligence that looks like a human requires an artificial body that looks like a human,” demonstrates the company’s goal. By pushing expressions as realistic as possible, Engineered Arts wishes to accelerate and give a real feeling of interaction between humans and machines. In any case on the Internet, the reactions are for the great majority extremely positive.

For the moment unable to speak and move

Unlike Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robot, Ameca cannot move. He is not yet able to speak either. The movements shown in the video are planned in advance and no AI is currently controlling the humanoid. Engineered Arts remains quite a mystery on the subject of artificial intelligence: “Is Ameca an AI? This is a big question. Ameca contains software that can be described as ‘artificially intelligent’, but the issue is broader than that. Ameca’s main objective is to be an AI development platform ”.

If this robot terrifies you and you want to go take a look for yourself, Ameca and Mesmer – another robot from the company – will both be at CES 2022 in January. Who knows, maybe even by then they will have had time to make some new improvements …

Here is Mesmer:


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