This will be the new hospital in Soacha – Bogotá

The municipality of Soacha will have a new highly complex hospital. I know It is a level IV health center that It will have more than 240 hospital beds for specialties such as maternity, cardiology, surgery and outpatient consultation.

The work, which began in June of last year, already makes initial progress in the foundations and construction of the bases. In total, 100,000 million pesos will be allocated for its construction and is expected that in the next 30 months is finished.

The hospital will have state-of-the-art equipment, with which it will be able to stand out in the area of ​​specialized surgery. It will be six stories high and will have a basement. In total there will be 25,451 square meters built.

It will be located in the Ciudad Verde neighborhood, between the 6th and 7th races, in front of the Mira Flores shopping center.

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The project will be operated by the private company Diacor Soacha, and the Avidanti SAS organization, which, In addition to being the owner of the property where it will be built, she has nearly 27 years of experience in the health sector.

“It is a private project, but as we know, health in our country is regulated by the EPS, this means that any system that operates in the municipality It will serve us all, both the subsidized and the contributory regime”Said Juan Carlos Saldarriaga, mayor of Soacha.

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The official also mentioned that they will continue to contribute to improve the municipal health system with private and public constructions that respond to the needs of the soachunos.

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It should be noted that at this time, the municipality it only has a fourth level hospital, the Cardiovascular. According to the Soacha Health Secretariat, this center along with the others are still insufficient to serve the public. This is because the municipality receives patients from other parts of Cundinamarca.

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