This will be the pre-identification certificate for those who do not have a DNI

In accordance with the Provision that bears the signature of the Director of the National Registry of Persons (Renaper), Santiago Rodriguez, the Pre-Identification Certificate It is intended for “all those people who were born in Argentine territory, and who lack a National Identity Document because they do not have a Birth Certificate.”

Article 2 clarifies that the Pre-Identification Certificate “It will not have the validity of the National Identity Document for any purpose, nor will it grant the right to issue it.”

Likewise It will be valid for 6 months, renewable, counted from the day of its issuance.

During the CPI presentation ceremony held yesterday at Casa Rosada, Fernández assured that it is “inexcusable for a State for not having a mother registered and not giving her a document, causing her and her children to suffer” and he said that in Argentina there are many citizens who, “because they are not registered, are unknown people in the country where they were born and live.”

“It was a great idea from all those who accompany me that we dedicate this Identity Day to those who live undocumented in Argentina for multiple reasons. It is a repair for what the State did not do for many years,” said the president.

As officially reported, The objective of the measure is to initiate and facilitate the process of recognizing the legal personality of those people who do not have the corresponding certification, while guaranteeing access to basic rights for those who are not registered with a birth certificate or ID.

The President also said that he made contact with the problem, before being a candidate, when one day he was walking his dog through a square, he contacted a 25-year-old man named Marcelo, who told him about the difficulties he had in finding work since he did not have a DNI.

“When we got to the Presidency, we realized that there were many Marcelos, and we said ‘let’s do something quickly’ because There are a lot of Argentines who do not have a document, which complicates their lives, such as access to collect the AUH or the Alimentar Card“he added.

“What we implement today it is a more agile system, as of today we begin to know who is who. The process will be fast and will register them as Argentine citizens as they deserve. This is a repair for what the State did not do for many years, “concluded the president.

Provision 1056/2020:

This is the new certificate:


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