This would be the real reason why Mónica Jaramillo left Caracol

A few weeks ago Mónica Jaramillo surprised her followers with a news that saddened them, after 7 years of working for Caracol Televisión, the presenter announced that she was leaving the newscast, at that time it was not clear what her departure from the channel was due to, only it was said that she would dedicate herself to undertaking other personal projects.

“This was one of my first photos when I arrived at Caracol. Today, with the same smile, more years and more experience, I can say that I have been very lucky. It was a dream come true. Thanks to you for your affection, you were part of it, ”said the woman from Antioquia at that time.

Many wondered who would take the place of the journalist in the program, Publimetro not only confirmed the departure of Jaramillo, it also mentioned that his replacement would be Alejandra Giraldo.

Giraldo also works at Noticias Caracol, only in the noon broadcast, then he went on to cover Mónica Jaramillo in the mornings, accompanied by Juan Diego Alvira.

However, since the Caracol Televisión communicator left it has been rumored that the reason was not because she wanted to undertake other projects, but because the channel fired her.

Channel 1’s variety show ‘Lo Sé Todo, in a recent broadcast spoke about it. According to their presenters, Caracol and Jaramillo had differences after she participated in an advertising campaign without the consent of the channel.

It is worth bearing in mind that this is not the first time that this rumor has been referred to, a few days ago, Negra Candela also said that this would be the real reason behind the news of her departure.

“Unofficial reasons: to run an advertising campaign for a recognized product for children’s fever without the authorization of Caracol. He repeated with a bicycle brand, a client of the company, and he got there. Call to discharge justified the decision due to the decrease in her monthly income after the cut in her salary, something that happened to the talent of all television channels due to the quarantine, ”explained La Negra Candela.


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