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Thjnk for Credit Suisse: Continuation of the big entrepreneur campaign

After the successful launch of the communication platform “Why not.” The campaign for entrepreneurs is now being continued. It will not only be expanded to include new image images, but additional product topics will also be included. “In doing so, Credit Suisse is consolidating its position as a bank for entrepreneurs, placing the innovative and courageous mindsets of entrepreneurs at the center”, says David Schätti, Head of Marketing Initiatives & Advertising Switzerland at Credit Suisse.

The Swiss-wide campaign is a song of praise to entrepreneurs. The focus is on their daily work and shows that they are true visionaries. Because they don’t always ask: why? They ask: why not? Entrepreneurs always check the status quo and work with great passion to create trendsetting things. The moment of inspiration for entrepreneurs is visualized with innovative subjects that are placed in a supposedly contradicting context. “Entrepreneurs see, for example, how heart tissue or PET can be made into sustainable sneakers. This is how we illustrate the entrepreneurial mindset and the creative idea behind” Why not “, explains Sandra Biering, Head of Marketing Initiatives & Advertising Premium / Corporate / Institutional Banking.

As part of the campaign, Entrepreneurs’ Day will take place on February 20th. Together with its partners, Credit Suisse gives entrepreneurs an ideal start by offering them free company formation. There will also be other attractive offers for existing SMEs. The multi-stage campaign, which consists of an awareness, a consideration and a performance level, will be launched on February 8, 2021 – all with data-driven digital, social, TV, print and POS advertising materials segmented according to target groups . True to the motto: why not.

Credit Suisse “Entrepreneur Day”

Credit Suisse “Why not.” Billboard for web, 10v10

Credit Suisse “Succession” Billboard for 10v10

Credit Suisse “Why not.” Entrepreneur film

Responsible at Credit Suisse: Roman Reichelt (Chief Marketing Officer); Dang Nguyen (Head Strategy, Brand & Advertising), David Schätti (Head Marketing Initiatives & Advertising Switzerland), Sandra Biering (Head Marketing Premium/Corporate/Institutional Banking), Monica Peter, Belinda Simeon (Projektleitung, Marketing Premium/Corporate/Institutional Banking), Tanja Klotz (Media Strategy & Planning), Thierry Pool (Global Head Digital & Data), Raffael Huez, Joel Gerber, Simon Bachofner, Marco Dalla Valle (Digital Campaigns), Melanie Rosner (Digital Journeys), Valon Saiti (Social Media Content Planning); Responsible at thjnk Zurich: Alexander Jaggy (GF Creation), Lukas Amgwerd (Text), Lukas Frischknecht (Art Direction), Andrea Bison (GF Consulting), Manuela Kaeslin, Marie Vuilleumier, Angela Cristofari (Consulting), Gordon Nemitz (GF Strategy);

External Partner: Plan B Film GmbH: Jessica Sonderegger, Julia Oroszlan (Producing), Stillstars GmbH: Lars Ranek (Photographer); UKO AG (recording studio)

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