Those killed in the 'crossbow crime' were part of a sect of eight people

The three deceased in a pension in the Bavarian town of Passau last Saturday and the two women found dead in a flat in Wittingen on Monday of this week were part of the nucleus of a sectarian group of eight people, four men and four women, that only two remain alive, as revealed on Thursday by several German media. All shared their love for the medieval era, frequently went to markets and fairs dedicated to that historical era and dressed in black.

The four boys also managed in an alternative way the school of martial arts and combat with historical weapons Milites Conductius in the Palatine locality of Hachenburg, where they offered courses for the handling of the sword, but also Eastern struggle and even courses of sewing and dressmaking Medieval A local decorated with skulls, a bloody mannequin and other sinister objects.

While the prosecutors in charge of the case and the police are silent until they have their heads tied to what has already been called the 'crime of the crossbow', German media such as the RTL television network and the weekly 'Focus' claim that the The leader of the group was Torsten W., the 53-year-old man who was found dead with several arrows stuck in his torso and his head in a room of the pension 'Zur Triftsperre'. The body was lying on a bed and holding the hand of his partner, Kerstin E., 33 years old and also dead of a crush in the heart.

At the feet of both lay Farina C., 30, with an arrow stuck in his neck. The youngest of the trio presumably killed the two elders at their request and then committed suicide. Two days later, the bodies of his partner, Gertrud C., 35, and a common friend, Carina U., aged 19, appeared in the house in Wittingen where Farina lived. The causes of his death are still unknown, but the police also presumed suicide when there were no signs of violence on the floor.

"Torsten W. was a kind of guru, who knew everything, who everyone listened to and who knew how to manipulate people," Rolf Will, a detective who has been following the group since 2017 hired by Carina U's parents, told RTL. ., who tried unsuccessfully to recover their daughter. The youngest of the pseudosecta left the family home at only 16 years old, seduced by Torsten. Carina was introduced to the circle by her own Latin teacher, Philipp W., who went ahead of the rest of her classmates by committing suicide in 2016 at the age of 36, apparently because of psychological problems.

Until his death, Philipp W. maintained a sentimental relationship with Gertrud C. and was one of the managers of the Hachenburg school. The Latin teacher allegedly managed to brainwash his student and force the separation of his family, to the point that Carina voluntarily went to live in a youth reception center until the moment he reached the age of majority. From then on he lived with Gertrud C. and Farina C.

«Radiant of optimism»

The weekly 'Focus' says that two other unidentified men have been part of the male nucleus of the group, although one of them left it a year ago. The second is the one who signed the contract for the rental of the premises in Hachenburg for the common business, but it is apparently found in unknown whereabouts.

The detonator of the deaths continues, meanwhile, being a mystery. The three deceased of Passau returned from a medieval fair in a locality of Austria, where several acquaintances indicated that they "radiated optimism", although it was in that country where they bought the three crossbows that caused their deaths.

In addition, Torsten W. seemed to have many projects to expand his business. On the Facebook page of Milites Conductius announced new plans, praised the quality of those already offered and advanced an initiative for "the individual and personalized manufacture of knives and swords."

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