Three gold medals – Liberty

SwissSkills »A Brocois, a Bullois and a Cottensois won gold at the Swiss career championships.

“For the moment, Friborg is the French-speaking canton which has won the most medals”, greets Selina Kuepfer, communications manager for SwissSkills, the Swiss career championships which this year brings together 700 participants.

The competition, turned upside down because of the Covid-19, started last week and will take place in a decentralized manner, mainly in German-speaking Switzerland until November.

Three of the winners of Friborg won gold medals. Samuel Favre, de Broc, apprentice at Sottas SA, has achieved a feat with welders. “It’s very rare that an apprentice wins the gold medal in this trade,” explains Selina Kuepfer. Florent Lacilla, from Cottens, trained in the Garage de l’Autoroute, competed in the CFC automobile mechatronics. Finally, Altin Makshana, from Bulle, trained at Issa SA, was in the running for CFC thermal insulation and sheet metal workers.

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