Wednesday, 16 Jan 2019

Three quick ways to prepare your hair for Christmas

Your dress is tidy but you have not left much time to think about your hair – no problem. You do not need to spend hours pinching, styling and watering your lengths to get a perfect look for the party.

There are simple and quick ways to style your locks while giving you the impression that you are coming out of the living room.

Here's how to choose your ideal style according to the time you have to prepare yourself …

If you have: 15 minutes

Cheat a polished pony with a bow on the go

* Spritz your dried hair with a heat protection towel (we love Percy & Reed, the perfect makeup spray, £ 12.50), then flip your hair upside down and dry it completely. Said Michael. Pull your hair in a low pony and tie them with a hair band.

* "Cut your ponytail into three or four sections and wrap them around the curling tong for several seconds," says Michael.

* 'Carefully comb the loops with your fingers, knot a thick satin knot over the group and finish with a Wella Glam Mist spritz, £ 13.60, to add shine and tame the jumps.

TIP: Keep the ponytail near the nape instead of the high position, so that if you add a ribbon, it will become more glamorous.

If you have: 20 minutes

Give yourself a half-turn in half the time

* Prepare the dried hair with a towel as before, then flip them over and use a hair dryer until they are about 95% dry. "Finish by lifting the roots with a thick brush, like Denman Finishing Brush, £ 11.95, and dry the remaining 5% with your hair dryer and a nozzle," says Michael.

* Then take four large locks of hair, then wrap them around a large curling tong. '10 seconds per strand should give a nice move, 'said Michael.

* Pull on the upper part of your hair (starting from the temples), then fix it with a band and cover it with a nice bar (our model wears Pearl Cluster Barrette, £ 5, from Accessorize).

If you have: 30 minutes

Get a wave worthy of a salon in less time by cutting a few corners

* After washing and towel drying, Michael recommends preparing £ 3.49 ('It's cheap and incredibly good') with Shockwaves Instant Root Lift Spray, for body, bounce and hold in record time .

* 'Dry upside down and use a wire brush to dry hair faster.

* Next, use a wide curling stick to create loose waves. It's much faster than a round brush. "

* Finish with a silvikrin lacquer fog, £ 1.49.

TIP: No time to go to the salon for a brushing and a refresh of the color? No problem. Enhance your tone and shine at home with Clairol Conditioning Color Booster (£ 6.99 in five shades), a new DIY method to trick a counter-current wash in the living room.

* "Leave it on for 5 minutes after shampooing, it will instantly give hair more richness and shine," says Michael. 'The cold blond mask dulls the coppery tones, and the caramel shade warms the blond hair that has become too light, or just looks a little dirty. There are also brown and red hues to give depth to darker hair. "

(Our model used the mocha color booster for our shoot).

Photography: David Venni. Makeup and hairstyle: Maxine Smith uses Clairol and Shockwaves hair care, Nars makeup and Elemis care. Model: Lara at MOT