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Three space explorers are ready to reach Mars

It is an orbiter from the United Arab Emirates, a probe from China and a rover from NASA.

After traveling millions of kilometers through space since the summer of last year, three robotic explorers are ready to reach Mars. The first to reach the red planet will be the United Arab Emirates’ orbiter called Al Amal, which means’ hope ‘in Arabic. His arrival is scheduled for Tuesday.

Less than 24 hours later, Mars will be hit by the Chinese probe Tianwen-1, and a week later, on February 18, it will be the turn of the NASA explorer Perseverance, who before returning to Earth will collect rocks from the surface to help scientists determine if life ever existed on the planet.

The three spacecraft took off for Mars in July last year with days apart, taking advantage of a launch window, when the two planets align and facilitate the shortest possible trajectory, a fact that occurs only every two years and allows space missions to be sent. from Earth with minimal energy costs.

Al Amal is seeking an especially high orbit, 22,000 by 44,000 kilometers high, to monitor Martian weather and atmospheric layers, while the Chinese probe will remain in orbit until May, when its rover separates to descend to the surface of Mars. . If all goes according to plan, China will become the second country to successfully land on the red planet.

Unlike China’s spacecraft, the US rover Perseverance will immediately try to land for signs of microscopic life, as the Curiosity rover did in 2012. NASA has so far managed to complete eight of its nine landing attempts on Mars. .

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