Thursday, 13 Dec 2018

Three Tumors in the Mouth: “Testament Made”: Cancer Diagnosis for TV broker Claudia Gülzow

It was supposed to be a routine examination, but it was the sheer horror: The dentist of Claudia Gülzow discovered three tumors in her jaw.

Shock diagnosis for Claudia Gülzow (47, “Unpainted and still blond” ). In an interview with the “Bild” newspaper, the well-known TV broker told that she had cancer. During a routine examination at the dentist, he found three tumors in her jaw, which have since been removed in four operations. “Before the surgery, I made my will,” said the TV star from the VOX series “rent, buy, live”.

Here is the book “Unmaked and still blond” by Claudia Gülzow

Two years ago, she had her teeth crowned with a special white from the USA, but suddenly a tooth had wobbled: “In the lower jaw right and in the upper jaw left two tumors were then discovered, both about as big as a pearl.” It was a shock to her. Only last year was another tumor in the lower jaw diagnosed. Luckily, the cancer did not spread, so she had come around for a radiation.

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