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Three urban brothers, sown with anxiety and hope, return home – the chief ars, who has defended their honor, continues

Nevertheless, the honor of Lithuanians in the NBA was defended: although three city brothers – Deividas Sirvydis, Ignas Brazdeikis and Domantas Sabonis – are already returning home, Jonas Valančiūnas took care of preserving the basketball prestige of our country, which found itself in a risky situation.

The Grizzlies of Memphis, represented by him, came as a big surprise, killing the Golden State Warriors troop tonight 117: 112 after the overtime and crashing into the NBA playoffs.

This is the first time in the 26-year history of the Grizzly, who originally resided in the Canadian port city of Vancouver, that they climbed to the top eight of the Western Conference without the help of the Gasol brothers: Pau played here in 2001-2008 and Marc in 2008-2019. aisiais.

True, it will be difficult for the representatives of Memphis to get far away this year: already in the first stage they will face a fight with the absolute winner of the regular season Utah Jazz Orchestra, whose defense is conducted by none other than the Frenchman Rudy Gobert, from confrontations in NBA arenas, but also from memorable dates in international tournaments.

The first meeting of the Jazz and Grizzly series with up to four victories will take place as early as night from Sunday to Monday.

JV, who recently celebrated his 29th birthday, is now the oldest active NBA player in Lithuania, but even if the marathon with the Jazz does not require a maximum distance of seven matches, Jonas will have the least time to rest before joining the country’s Olympic team.

Unlike “Grizzlies” with J. Valančiūnas, another Lithuanian team Indiana “Pacers” finished their performance with a disappointing chord. The crucifixes with Domantas Sabonis remained behind the replays at the weaker Eastern Conference, ninth.

At the same time, the symbolic number – even 11 seasons – of the tradition of the Sabonis dynasty, which had continued successfully, broke down: neither Arvydas nor Domantas prevented their clubs from entering the big East or West Eights: Sabas and Portland played , which they spent across the Atlantic, and the Dom with the Oklahoma Thunder and Pacers chopped on them four times in a row.

Despite the fact that the team results were not gratifying, D. Sabonis had an impressive year this year: he not only participated in the NBA All-Star match for the second time in his career, but also recorded 10 triple doubles, but also improved the record of the most successful Lithuanian NBA season of all time.

The Dominator, who averaged 20.3 points every night, adjusted the best Lithuanian achievement so far, which for almost three decades, since 1992, has belonged to the legendary Šarūnas Marčiulionis, who collected an average of 18.9 points.

However, the extremely beautiful number of D. Sabonis attacked both the fiasco suffered by the Pacers and his unsecured actions during the decisive battles, especially in the defense.

“One thing that both disappointed and saddened me was that while Sabonis was gathering some nice statistics, he looked a little different in the NBA crunches. It’s scary because his game was different as day and night from what we saw him in the regular season. And when Domantas starts to fail, it becomes very obvious and responds to the quality of his game: he starts to get nervous and make the wrong decisions.

I really want to believe that all these experiences will help him to cope better with the pressure of the most important matches in the future, which will also benefit our national team, as the end of the season has shaken confidence in what Domantas will come to the national team and what he will look like. ” Commentator Rokas Grajauskas was worried about Delfi TV’s “Basketball Zone”.

Three urban brothers, sown with anxiety and hope, return home - the chief ars, who has defended their honor, continues

In the East we had two more Lithuanians – 22-year-old Ignas Brazdeikis and 20-year-old Deividas Sirvydis, who also got their chance at the end of the regular season, which is the minutes of the game.

They managed to flash a couple of times (Iggy scored 21 points for the Philadelphia 76ers, and Davis scored 16 points 19 minutes before the Denver Nuggets), but the Orlando Magic and Detroit Pistons took the final two places at the conference. .

However, R. Grajauskas was pleased with the progress they have shown, which should not go unnoticed by our current employers.

“Igno’s successful performances have caught the attention of NBA fans and clubs. I. Brazdeikis played very mature and solid, created beautiful episodes not only in the attack, but also, for example, managed to block Ben Simmons’ throw, which not every basketball player can do. Iggy really made a good impression, so I hope that everything will happen so that Magic will keep it in its ranks.

As for Dave, his brighter muscles immediately stand out. It is clear that he is physically strengthened. As far as I heard, body training was his main goal this season. While the road to stable NBA player rotation status is long for him, his 16-point flash has led him to believe that Detroit is actually seeing something of a three-point and defensive type and that it’s not just that widely discussed agent influence. consequence, ”said an NBA expert.

The whole conversation and show “Basketball Zone” – in the video.

Three urban brothers, sown with anxiety and hope, return home - the chief ars, who has defended their honor, continues

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