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Three versions of the monstrously killed Rebenok

Rebenok was not an in-house lawyer providing legal assistance to ordinary clients, although the most important service on his office’s website was the provision of temporary residence permits. He was closer to political circles and, consequently, to the money that interested them. While the police are developing a version of the robbery in the hot footsteps of the crime, observers of social and political events see other – unofficial versions.

Pharmacy and OIK

One of them is the grand legacy of Olainfarm, which is still being fought by the women of the late Valery Maligin and their hired lawyers, including the deceased. In addition, it is significant that even today two Olainfarm shareholders’ meetings have been convened. Rebenox served as chairman of the company’s board for six months, but last year other lawyers and estate managers took over. The fight for the Maligin Pharmaceutical Empire continues. Money makes people cold-blooded.

Another version of the murder follows in the footsteps of the OIK scheme. In addition, it is not just the existing OIK that will have scraped almost four billion euros from the population by 2037 in favor of a handful of green business leaders. The second OIK would be the liquefied gas terminal in Skulte, which, through its political allies, is being driven by the American Pēteris Ragaušs through the newly established Saulkrasti district to the Inčukalns gas storage facility and further through mandatory procurement at Latvenergo’s thermal power plants. For some unknown reason, Rebenock, like his political protégé, Prime Minister Ralph Nemiro, was categorically opposed to the project. The lawyer came up with unexpectedly loud revelations this spring, when Nemiro was deprived of permission for a state secret, and thus also a position with the possibility to thwart American plans. In an interview with the Independent, he stated that the coalition had ceased to exist, that its activities were anti-state, its sole purpose was to preserve the OIK and to implement the OIK-2. That is why a new coalition must be formed without the Bordanists and their allies. The full interview can be read here:

Adviser to the Minister: a new coalition must be formed – without Bordanists

One million to put in the wallet

Pavel Rebenock worked with a lot of money, and a lot of money from it. This is evidenced by the million earned last year. The data from the Register of Enterprises show that he was the real beneficiary of the company SIA “Verdorff”, and the benefit is quite substantial. The turnover of this legal service company last year was 231,693 euros. Profit after tax, on the other hand, exceeded EUR 1 045 824 and, according to the company’s annual report, was derived from ‘other operating income’. Number of employees – 1. Fantastic profitability.

Here parallels can be drawn with another deceased lawyer – Mārtiņš Bunkas. He, too, earned dizzying sums from politico-economic deals, and he also had to pay with his life in the finals. This murder is still undiscovered. And several other loud custom murders in recent decades. Rebenok’s murder will probably be a priority for the police for some time. But there are enough undiscovered priorities in history: Egons Stieģelis, Jānis Laukroze, Dainis Peimanis, Ainārs Platacis, etc. Therefore, the statements of the Minister of the Interior and the State Police that this will be a priority do not guarantee a successful result.

Knocked down with a son

Why are the police stopping so much at the robbery version? Probably because the police themselves know the most about this. Armands Ruks, the head of the Criminal Investigation Board, says that there were three attackers, dressed in masks and black throughout. This is known because the lawyer’s partner in life and business – Ingus Balandins – has survived. In Langstiņi’s house, the robbers broke in after midnight, pushing the door from the backyard, armed with the ends of the terrace decoration boards caught right in the yard. Situations with those of their victims on their heads, situations with their fists, kicking with their feet. The orders were scattered in Russian. It is strange that criminals have thought of a scary outfit, but not of smarter weapons. It is also strange that the safe has remained intact. Given Verdorff’s revenue last year, it could have been a better hug than watches, cufflinks and rings. Perhaps the robbers had not carried out sufficient intelligence before the crime was committed. But perhaps it was a custom murder, and the killing of the lawyer with his son did not take place in the heat of the fight, but with intent. Cufflinks are taken at the opportunity or just to give the impression of a robbery. Police are investigating the possibility that the murder was related to Rebenoka’s professional activities. So let’s look at those versions as well. But the police leadership does not say anything more about them. All that is known is that there has been communication between the representatives of Olainfarm and the police since the incident.

Wealth side effects

Regardless of which version turns out to be the right one, it is already worthwhile for the public to adopt a few truths. If it was a robbery, then now there are three particularly dangerous criminals on their feet, who are ready to kill even with their bare boards due to their cufflinks. They may soon go to their next home. That’s why rich people should slow down with social networking, as Rebenok didn’t – I was on an expensive yacht, I was on my porch, I was on a famous beach, I was wearing beautiful Ray-Ban glasses, I was a millionaire heiress Maligin and in that spirit. The police also acknowledge that the criminals are active investigators of the yellow press and social networks. It is also necessary to take care of the security of the property – not only to install, but also to use an alarm system and to install surveillance cameras. All this reduces the possibility of becoming a target of robbers. Rebenox and his partner had not done so.

If, however, this was a custom murder, the ranks of the rich

the murderous troika must be less afraid, while the politically influential, who have been sent a warning message about Rebenok’s murder, must be very, very afraid.

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