three young nuggets choose Algeria

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Friday, October 16, 2020 8:43 AM

Yanis Saïdani, Hussayn Touati and Massinissa Oufella, three young players from the Paris Saint-Germain training center, have officially chosen to defend the colors of Algeria. It is an obligatory passage for any player having the dual nationality. Choose which country to represent when the national selections knock on the door. Three young players from Paris Saint-Germain recently faced this dilemma and made up their minds. Yanis Saïdani, Hussayn Touati and Massinissa Oufella have all officially opted for the Algerian selection. The three young nuggets announced the news via Instagram this Thursday, October 15. Yanis Saïdani, playing as a goalkeeper, Massinissa Oufella, midfielder and Hussayn Touat, former OL midfielder, who has been playing with the PSG U19s since July 2019, announced that they were called for the first time with the Algerian U20 selection. . Young Fennecs will therefore be able to count on these new faces for the preparation of the UNAF tournament, organized next November, reports

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