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Throne room and cultural renewal


During the PDXCON Remixed live stream, Crusader Kings 3 surprised by the unexpected announcement of the first truly major expansion for global strategy. The update, titled “Royal Court,” will bring a major update to the mechanics of culture, as well as add a real throne room.

Developers from the Paradox studio will add new ways to interact with their vassals and wards in Crusader Kings 3. In the throne room, players will be able to entertain important guests and listen to the problems of the subjects, which can lead to new events in the game.

Key features:

  • Throne room
    The appearance of the royal court will reflect the greatness and prestige of your dynasty, which you have achieved during your reign.
  • Let there be judgment
    Communicate with vassals and courtiers who come with their problems in the hope of a high royal court.
  • Greatness
    Raise the standard of living in your yard with even grander decorations and gourmet food to impress rivals and attract dignitaries.
  • People of inspiration
    Talented artists, artisans and thinkers will be able to work on new projects, bringing treasures and artifacts to your backyard.
  • Crop hybrid
    Benefit from a multicultural state by developing new ways of life that match the kingdom’s population and geography
  • Cultural divergence
    Let go of the shackling cultural traditions for the sake of creating something new – more in line with your aspirations.

Crusader Kings 3: Royal Court will also update the familiar culture system. To conduct a competent foreign policy, now you have to learn new languages. A polyglot can open up new ways of relations with other countries, but an ignoramus runs the risk of accidentally starting a war.

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