Thuisbezorgd and Uber Eats are not sending their own deliverers on the road for the time being | NOW

Thuisbezorgd meal deliverers will not hit the road in most cities on Sunday. Day and evening shifts have been suspended because weather conditions make it unsafe to deliver meals by bicycle.

A spokesperson emphasizes that it is still possible to order via Thuisbezorgd, but that those orders are delivered by the restaurants themselves. Uber Eats deliverers also do not deliver meals all Sunday.

“We have decided to cancel our own delivery service in most cities this afternoon. Due to the circumstances it is not justified to deliver meals by bicycle”, a spokesperson for Thuisbezorgd told “So there is a more limited offer in the big cities, where our own delivery services are active.”

Only in Maastricht do cyclists from the company take to the road in the evening. In a few cities, including Rotterdam, Thuisbezorgd is still looking at the situation. In other large cities, cyclists do not deliver meals all Sunday. Because deliverers are employed, scheduled employees will continue to be paid.

Thuisbezorgd says it will look at the situation in the coming days. According to a spokesperson, the decision on whether or not to suspend service in corona time is extra difficult, because restaurants are currently dependent on meal deliverers. “But safety comes first for us.”

Delivery drivers Uber Eats will not hit the road on Sunday either

Uber Eats deliverers will not hit the road throughout the Netherlands on Sunday. Due to weather conditions, the company has discontinued the courier delivery service for the rest of the day. “We made that decision because it is not safe,” said a spokesman. The internet platform will remain open to place orders at restaurants that deliver themselves.

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Whether the Uber Eats deliverers will hit the road again on Monday, the spokesperson cannot yet say. “When road safety permits, we will restart meal delivery”

Deliveroo deliverers sometimes even deliver meals on foot

Meal delivery company Deliveroo says it will virtually stop delivery for the rest of the day, but not everywhere yet. According to a spokesperson, deliveries are still being made in some places, sometimes even on foot.

The company previously announced that couriers can decide for themselves whether or not to use the road. “It really has to be an exceptional situation to stop delivery altogether.”


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