Thunderbird will now be updated automatically

The free alternative Mozilla Thunderbird enjoys a solid fan base with around 30 million users and is constantly being optimized. Thunderbird shares the code base with Firefox and is therefore dependent on the development of the browser. However, the Extended Support Releases (ESR) are decisive for the mailer. With the new Firefox ESR, which was recently updated to version 78, the popular mail client recently made the giant leap from version 68 to Thunderbird 78.
Both versions ran in parallel for a few weeks now, but the support for Thunderbird 68 becomes one Blog post according to still in September. After that there are no more security updates and existing users should be moved to the new version via auto-update. Specially users who so far Enigmail for mail encryption, but you have to prepare for the changeover, because the integrated OpenPGP encryption is now automatically activated, Enigmail is no longer necessary and is no longer supported at all.
A new version 2.2.2 of Enigmail at the start. It should help users of the Classic mode with the move. Users of the junior mode should also receive information about the other options via Enigmail. According to the blog post, there should also be an additional download to continue using the previous configuration. You don’t have to rush anything, but Thunderbird users should give some thought to the switch.
The new Thunderbird 78.2.2 brings a practical new function: In the recipient line of a new e-mail, the individual recipients can now be moved by drag and drop and thus rearranged. There were also bug fixes for OpenPGP encryption, for example when importing and decrypting keys. All changes can be found in the official Changelog of the manufacturer.

Previously, users had to install the version manually, now the update is automatically distributed to all users. Important: When switching, it may happen that not all extensions are compatible with the new version. So it can take a while for the add-on developers to update their products. You should therefore update Thunderbird manually if necessary.

The program is yours for Windows, macOS and Linux available for free download.

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