Thunderstorm warning until Tuesday: which regions will be affected?

Belgium is on orange alert until Tuesday evening.

LBelgium is on an orange thunderstorm alert until 11 p.m. Tuesday. This Monday evening, the IRM is still forecasting locally stormy showers, especially in Limburg and everywhere in Wallonia. Then the weather will become drier with temporarily large sunny spells.

After a lull during the night from Monday to Tuesday, Tuesday will again be marked by significant instability with the development of showers which are sometimes heavy and which may lead, in places, to accumulations of the order of or greater than 10 l / m² in 1 hour.

David Dehenauw of IRM does not rule out other floods but tries to reassure by explaining that we are no longer in the situation of Saturday. “The showers will subside from Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. New showers will occur again at the weekend, ”he warns, however.

End of the federal crisis phase

The Minister of the Interior Annelies Verlinden (CD&V) has decided to end the federal phase of crisis management following the bad weather that hit the country on July 14 and 15, she said, by way of press release. In the province of Namur, the governor therefore decided to reactivate the provincial phase again in order to keep the crisis management structures active.

Regional authorities, governors and local authorities take over for the clearing and reconstruction phase.

Still according to the Minister of the Interior, where necessary, the federal authority will remain, for the required duration, available to provide support. The various authorities can thus continue to count on the support of the federal police, civil protection and emergency zones.

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Governors can also continue to use the national logistics hub. This hub – a cooperation agreement between Civil Protection, Defense and emergency areas, under the leadership of the National Crisis Center – attempts to offer answers to specific logistical questions.

Federal resources remain available and can be activated if necessary, which has been confirmed. The Namur provincial phase will be maintained normally at least until the end of this week and the situation will be assessed at that time, concludes Denis Mathen.

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