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Thuringia compromise: Federal CDU rejects election of a left head of state government with CDU help

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Germany Thuringia compromise

Federal CDU rejects election of a left head of state government with CDU help

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Sonja Stössel

“We have found a way for the Democrats”

A breakthrough was achieved in the Thuringian government crisis. Left, SPD and Greens agreed with the CDU on a prime ministerial election on March 4. “We have a road map,” said former Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow.

The Thuringian CDU is satisfied. The agreement with Red-Red-Green on a cooperation until new elections in 2021 is a “historical compromise”, a “real political solution”. The CDU general secretary Paul Ziemiak sees things quite differently.

Dhe Secretary General Paul Ziemiak rejects the federal CDU to elect a left-wing Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow in Thuringia with the help of the CDU. Ziemiak said in Iserlohn that those who voted for the CDU Ramelow were violating the decisions of the CDU.

For weeks, the Thuringian CDU struggled with itself. In order for the federal state to have a government capable of acting, the Christian Democrats had to choose between two fundamental beliefs of their party. Approaching the AfD or the Left? This question had almost destroyed the Thuringian CDU, said district administrator Werner Henning on Saturday morning.

“It tore the CDU apart. It almost destroyed them. Because we were all on the brink, ”said the district administrator in Eichsfeld on the RBB information radio. With his relief at the breakthrough in the negotiations with the left, the local politician spoke for the Thuringian CDU. Deputy head Mario Voigt celebrated a “historic compromise” after the successful negotiations with the Left Party. Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn, on the other hand, is certain that this deal will only plunge the CDU even deeper into the crisis of confidence.

Left, SPD and Greens had agreed on Friday evening with the CDU on a prime ministerial election of Bodo Ramelow (Left) on March 4. Parliament will be re-elected on April 25, 2021. Until then, there should be binding cooperation between the CDU and Red-Red-Green on various projects – including the budget for the coming year.

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Instead of breaking the taboo, CDU state vice-president Voigt spoke of “binding cooperation” and “project-oriented cooperation”, of a CDU that a red-red-green minority government supports for a transition period of one year as “constructive opposition”. A party convention actually forbids the CDU any cooperation with the AfD and the left.

Lieberknecht: “This is a real political solution”

Similarly, Thuringia’s ex-Prime Minister Christine Lieberknecht, who had briefly been discussed as the Transitional Minister President. The agreement that has now been reached ensures a reliable election of Ramelow through a sufficient number of votes and ensures stability in government action “for a manageable time until the new election”.

Lieberknecht did not want to call the compromise with the German press agency toleration or tolerance. It is about the cooperation of a minority government with a constructive opposition, she said. “This is a real political solution. There are good reasons for this. “

And then Spahn answers

Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn (CDU) also fears for the foundation of his party and has also decidedly opposed Bodo Ramelow’s election with the help of the CDU.

“I reject an election of Bodo Ramelow by the CDU,” tweeted the aspirant for the CDU party chair. “As a Union, we are in a crisis of confidence. The last twists from Thuringia cost further trust. It is now about the substance of our party – not only in Thuringia. “

Spahn pleaded for “quick new elections” – a demand that the Thuringian CDU consistently rejects, and which failed with the party leader Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer in Erfurt. “As difficult as the situation for our colleagues in Thuringia is: After the search for a non-partisan personality has failed, no further tactics help.”

Spahn is the first of the four candidates for the successor of the outgoing CDU chairman Kramp-Karrenbauer, who took a public stance on the compromise from Erfurt.

The Berlin CDU leader Kai Wegner also criticized his Thuringian party colleagues sharply. A choice of Ramelow with the help of the CDU reveals the principles of the CDU Germany. “That would be a stab in the heart of our party,” he said. “To elect a left as Prime Minister as CDU MPs would be historic stupidity. A taboo breach is not corrected by another taboo breach, ”he said, alluding to the election of the FDP politician Thomas Kemmerich.

Thuringia has been in a government crisis for weeks. The country is currently governed by the Prime Minister Kemmerich without cabinet and minister. The FDP politician had been elected on 5 February not only with the votes of the CDU and FDP, but also with those of the AfD as the new head of government, which caused indignation nationwide. Kemmerich resigned three days later.


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