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Thuringian parties agree on a “sanitary cordon” against the extreme right

The political parties of the German state ofThuringiahave agreed to create a“sanitary cord”to snatch voice and vote atfar rightAlternative for Germany after the scandal of the last elections in the region, when the formation gave its support for the election of a leader to outrage the German chancellor,Angela Merkel

This so-called “stability pact” has been signed, according to sources close to the negotiations, by representatives of the Left, the Social Democrats, the Greens and the Christian Democratic Union of Merkel herself.

The goal is tosilence AfD, that last October he played an instrumental role for the Liberal Democrat candidate Thomas Kemmerich, to become prime minister of the state on February 5.

It was the first time that a prime minister was elected with votes from AfD, led in the region by Björn Höcke, founder of the most radical wing of the party whose existence is classified by the Office of Protection of the Constitution asa suspected case of right-wing extremism.

Berlin’s response was so blunt thatKemmerich resigned from the post days later.

Now, the signatories are also negotiating separately the formation of a majority so that the Left candidate and former Thuringian Prime Minister,Bodo Ramelow,He was elected to replace Kemmerich, whose party was the most voted in the parliamentary elections last year.


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