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Thus, Wuling competitors, IDR 90 million electric vehicles enter Indonesia


Electric cars are now very expensive. The average electric car in Indonesia now has a price above Rp 500 million, even reaching billions of rupees. However, cheap electric cars for 90 million Rp have started to enter Indonesia.

The cheap electric car is called the Jeep Electric Vehicle with SUV-style style. This is a small electric car with dimensions of 2,900 mm in length, 1,450 mm in width and 1,700 mm in height. This car is equipped with a 60 Volt 45-100 Amp lead acid battery, and a 1,200-2,500 Watt electric motor.

The maximum speed is 55 km per hour which is piped to the rear wheels. While the range reaches 100 km in one charge. Charging from a battery condition of about 40% at full takes about 2 hours.

This zero emission car with 4 seat configuration is supported by an entertainment system, a 7-inch touch screen head unit, and is equipped with air conditioning. In addition, this electric car also has a front and rear disc braking system.

However, this cheap electric car, the Jeep Electric Vehicle, has not yet been sold to the general public. This electric car entered Indonesia as a direct gift for participants in LKP EV Language Scholarship and foreign language courses. PT Kurnia EVCBU International awarded this electric vehicle 1,000 units for the LKP EV Language Scholarship.

IDR 92 million electric vehicles enter Indonesia for foreign language course Prize Photo: Pool

“For this EV language, we are not currently selling it. We only have a course program to get the price (electric car). But for the selling price of the car, from the sponsor, we will continue to buy and sell the process when. he bought.launch formally. For the starting price of Rp 92 million. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end thereupgrade. Meanwhile, what we give for the awards is the kind of standard, “said Satria Bagus Narendra, Director of PT EVCBU International Universal (LKP EV Language Scholarship).

The electric car is fully or completely built-up (CBU) imported from China. Although imported directly from China, this electric car gets after-sales service.

“After-sales, from our sponsors, we provide a free service warranty, spare parts, and a 5-year battery warranty upon receipt of the vehicle,” said Satria.

According to him, this electric car will be provided free of charge to 1,000 students taking English, Mandarin, Japanese and Korean courses in the LKP EV Language Scholarship. The foreign language course was held for 12 months with a total cost of Rp. 17.5 million for 12 months, including a direct gift of an electric car (motorcycle or SUV-style electric car for Rp. 90 million. This program is valid for the registration period until August 31, 2022). .

Here are the specifications for the Jeep Electric Vehicle, which costs only Rp. $ 92 million:

– Dimensions: 2,900 mm, width 1,450 mm and height 1,700 mm.
-Body material: metal machine shell
– Prohibition: 155 Vacuum Tire
– Hub: aluminum wheels
– Configuration: 4 seats 5 doors
– Engine power: 1,200-2,500 W
– Controller: Intelligent Controller
– Maximum speed: 35-55 km / h
– Battery: Lead acid 60V 45A-100A
– Comfort and safety: AC, electric windows, central locking, 7-inch touch screen entertainment, disc brakes.

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