TikTok goes augmented reality

The Chinese social network is currently testing a tool to create filters and augmented reality experiences. Now the most downloaded application in the world, TikTok is preparing to compete with Snapchat and Facebook in a growing niche.

Discreetly launched in early August, the tool TikTok Effect Studio is still in the early stages of development, confirmed TikTok at TechCrunch. Like his rivals Snapchat and Facebook, the Chinese giant has finally decided to ride the Wave and Swell
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For the moment, TikTok Effect Studio is at the stage of private beta testing in the United States and in other countries, not specified by the social network. A form is already available to register and request access to test the tool as soon as it is launched. Among the questions, TikTok asks on which Mac media or PC or other, like Linux, developers work. One way perhaps to decide under which operating system first launch your TikTok Effect Studio tool.

Augmented reality is needed on social networks

TikTok has not yet mentioned a specific launch date for its augmented reality tool and preferred to point out that all of its tests did not necessarily lead to launches. The consultant specializing in social networks Matt Navarra had already discovered this project on August 14.

The use of augmented reality on social networks has become more and more essential, promoting user engagement. Evan Spiegel, CEO of Snapchat, had said that more than 200 million Snapchaters use augmented reality on average per day on their application. In December 2020, Snapchat announced a $ 3.5 million fund to further develop augmented reality on its platform. A real gold mine for brands that have already realized the value of their presence on TikTok, the most downloaded application in 2020.

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