Time limits are getting longer to obtain a driver’s license

Many young people in Quebec can no longer wait to get their driver’s license.

The driving school they attend continues to take new clients for theory lessons, but is unable to offer them practical lessons for several months.

“I have had my temporary license since November 2019. Then we are in 2021, then I still don’t have my license”, explains Gabrielle.

Young people who attend the same school try by all means to ensure the follow-up of their practical courses, but the delays to obtain them do not cease lengthening.

“I’ve been with Tecnic for over a year. I easily managed to get my theory lessons, but then, for practical lessons, it’s empty. I had two in a year, ”says Justin.

“I only had one, and since then I haven’t been able to. It will take two or three months, and at this rate, I am not able to enter into the terms of the contract, ”laments Émile.

At the Tecnic driving school, however, it is indicated that the deadline for obtaining a first practical course is two months.

“I’m not telling you two months between each course, but before you can start the process,” says Mylène Sévigny, general manager of the Tecnic driving school network.

The young people say the school puts them on a waiting list, but they don’t hear from them for several weeks.

Due to the pandemic, the company is having difficulty offering its full performance, despite efforts to recruit personnel.

“We have to go back. We left, we put monitors on the road! But we can’t work evenings anymore! ” adds Ms. Sévigny.

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Even with this worrying delay, Tecnic has chosen to continue welcoming new students, unlike other schools.

“I feel that since they take a lot of students, then they clog the system and, in the end, no one advances, but they make a lot of money,” says Justin.

For its part, the SAAQ succeeded in making up for the delay caused by the pandemic, since to obtain a practical exam last September, we could wait two months. Today, the deadline varies between 20 and 25 days.


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