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Tips for overcoming red and swollen eye pain, really simple and traditional!

Illustration, sore eyes.

JAKARTA, kilat.com- One of the most common causes of eye pain is due to age. As a person gets older, a person will experience a decrease in vision. Then the eyes feel sore and tired. Watch out for eye pain, so that serious complications do not occur.

Fimela’s friends can be treated to prevent eye pain. There are also some natural remedies that can be done to cure eye pain. But if the pain in the eye does not go away, immediately check and consult a doctor. Here are the causes of eye pain and how to treat them:

1. Allergies

The first cause of sore eyes is allergies. Allergic reactions not only affect the skin. Allergens can enter the eye. It then triggers inflammation in the eye and causes itchy eyes. Even at risk of tearing and swelling. Allergens are usually found in the air, in makeup, or in contact with your hands when you rub your eyes.

2. Infection

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Bacteria, germs, fungi and viruses can be found anywhere. The cause of sore eyes and symptoms of swelling, redness and tears is due to an eye infection. This infection can be transmitted to others and must be cured immediately. This eye infection triggers viral conjunctivitis with bacteria, stye, keratitis, trachoma, and endophthalmitis.

3. Injuries

Have you ever fallen or been hit by a hard object in the eye? These injuries can be long-term eye pain. Of course, an eye injury gives the effect of swelling in the eye area, and the eye color turns red due to inflammation.

4. Contaminated chemicals

Be careful when washing your face and using shampoo. Because face washes and shampoos contain chemicals that can cause eye pain. Not only in soap products. Eye makeup such as eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara contains chemicals, which can cause eye pain if the product gets into the eye.

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5. Too Often Watch Gadgets

Too much work in front of gadgets like laptops, cell phones, tablets or computers, can make their eyes hurt. This condition is caused by tired eyes. The brighter blue light on gadgets, than the light used in the room, will put a lot of pressure on the eyes.

1. Take Vitamin Eyes

Fimela friends can take eye supplements or vitamins regularly to treat sore eyes. Vitamins for the eyes are those that contain vitamin A, vitamin C and omega-3. When taking vitamins, it is a good idea to keep consuming at least 8 glasses of water a day.

2. Reduce staring on gadget screen

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To maintain eye health, you should reduce and limit the stare of the screen of a gadget or laptop. Interspersed by looking at the landscape or looking away at about 2 meters, for 20 seconds every 20 minutes. You can also close your eyes for 15 minutes every 2 hours. Don’t forget to keep blinking while watching the screen.

3. Use UV glasses

Exposure to sunlight and gadgets can cause eye pain. So eyes must be protected with UV and anti-radiation glasses, they must be protected from exposure to sunlight and gadgets. These glasses also work to prevent tired eyes, red eyes, double vision, dizziness and loss of focus. (yes)

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