Tips for Playing with Children during the Covid-19 Pandemic – Since the COVID-19 outbreak hit, many aspects of life have been affected. One of them is limited mobility. Not only adults, children are also no exception. Playing and learning activities have changed drastically.

Reporting from, Bundo Netti Herawati, General Chairperson of PP HIMPAUDI said that as a first step, a correct understanding of the essence of playing is needed. “Children learn through playing. Without the right games, the lessons may not be understood,” he explained in the 2021 National Children’s Day INSPIRITO program.

“In essence, children can play anywhere, anytime, and with anyone,” continued Bundo Netti. According to him, playing activities are positive things that children do on their own initiative.

With such limited conditions, parents can prepare two play environments for their children, namely physical and non-physical. Physically, facilities and play equipment must be available. While non-physical is how parents create conditions that allow children to play freely without pressure.

Bundo Netti added, “If children follow their parents when they play, it means that children are working, not playing. Here, parents must respect their children’s choices. Don’t do anything wrong when they are playing.” Even when the physical and non-physical environment of the children’s playroom is not conducive, the development of brain cells will not be optimal.

“The number of children’s brain cells as adults can differ by 50 percent from when they were 0-6 years old. Where have they gone? Those are unstimulated brain cells,” he said.

Therefore, the role of parents becomes more vital today. Because the situation requires that children can only be at home. For that, a Life Coach, Rani Moran said, “First, how to create a sense of security and stability at home to support children’s mental health.”

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Furthermore, Rani explained, “Then, helping children feel safe, maintaining a healthy routine, also managing emotions and behavior”. And most importantly there must be open communication between parents and children.

“Don’t be overprotective, the child will be stressed. Then, be careful about parenting. The dialogue must be constructive and try to bring joy at home,” Rani said, adding that it was important for parents to listen to their children more often. Therefore, it is hoped that parents will understand more and be willing to cooperate well with their children.

Reporter: Asnida Riani [ttm]


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