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Tips for the weekend in Znojmo: the Vranovská festival and the firemen’s fight in Žerotice

The holidays have moved to the second half, and there will be no boredom this weekend either. Hustopeče in the Břeclav region invites you to the Costume Festival, which will take over the city in the heart of South Moravia from Friday to Sunday. A little further in Lednice, burgers will smell again at the food-filled Burger Street Festival. In the Hodonín region, especially Strážnice Harbour, August nights are especially special. This is an event of the cultural summer, which will offer, for example, a cruise on lighted boats. Our next stop is in Znojmo, where we will highlight, for example, the festival Přehrady Fest on Vranovská beach. Cultural action guaranteed.

Look back at the Přehrady festival on Vranov beach. Photo from 2022

| Photo: Marek Žídek

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Fireman’s competition – Mayor’s Cup in Žerotice
When: Saturday, August 5 from 1 pm
Location: village Žerotice

Why come: Hose in hand and get down to business. The Žerotice volunteer fire department is organizing the 17th year of the Mayor’s Traveling Cup competition. The firemen’s race will begin at one o’clock in the afternoon on the local playground. Families will thus enjoy an enjoyable afternoon marked by sports and active fun. After the program will continue with dance entertainment and music group Fanny.

Reservoir Fest Vranovská beach
When: Friday 4 August from 17.00, Saturday 5 August from 13.50
Where: Vranovská beach
How much: from 600 kroner per adult

Why come: Vranovská beach comes alive with a festival in early August. The Reservoir Fest will be held here on Friday and Saturday. People can look forward to a rich program full of well-known performers. For example, the band Wohnout, MIG 21, Horkýže Slýže or the popular singer-songwriter Pokáč will be playing. There will also be theater, workshops, drums, workshops, meetings with bands, but especially the beach, swimming, water sports and many other water fun.

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Michal Nesvadba from Špilberk
When: Sunday, August 6 from 3 pm
Where: Špilberk summer cinema
How much: 320 crowns

Why come: Children’s favorite across generations Michal Nesvadba from Kouzelná školka is the headliner at the Špilberk summer cinema. He will demonstrate his cardboard skills to children and adults, and with his humor in the performance called Michal je kvítko, he is guaranteed to make all visitors laugh. The event is held in all weathers and children under two are admitted free.

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Summer Shakespeare Festival, The Tempest
When: Friday, August 4 from 8:30 pm
Where: Špilberk Castle
How much: from 350 crowns

Why come: The Summer Shakespeare Festival is the oldest and biggest open-air theater. Actors on stage play the most famous plays of the writer Shakespeare. Friday, August 4, the Storm will be in Špilberk. Themes and motifs that interested the Elizabethan author throughout his life appear in the play: great love, intrigue, revenge and forgiveness. David Prachař, Csongor Kassai, Marek Daniel or Josef Polášek will play the main roles.

Brazil Fest Brno
When: Thursday, August 3 to Sunday, August 6
Where: Brno, city center
For how much: Free admission

Why come: Brasil Fest Brno is the biggest Latino event in the Czech Republic, held annually in Brno. This fourth year, held from August 3 to 6, promises true exoticism right in the city center. The symbolism of four days and four stages on the day of the main festival suggests that this year will be truly special. People can look forward to a very rich program. For example, on Saturday, the city center of Brno will come alive with a carnival parade with more than a hundred drummers, dozens of dancers, including Thai Rodrigues, and an allegorical float.

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Brasil Fest Brno – performance by Lia de Itamaracá + Vando Oliveira
When: Friday, August 4 from 9 pm
Location: Club První Patro, Brno
How much: 290 crowns

Why come: In Brno, a real exotic party is taking place in the První Patro club as part of the Brasil Fest Brno festival. According to the organizers, this is the biggest Latino event in the Czech Republic. On Friday, August 4, visitors can expect one of the liveliest and most important voices in Brazil, the singer Lia de Itamaracá. At the age of almost 80, he mastered the rhythms of ciranda, coca and maracatu. The next performer tonight will be Vando Oliveira and his big band.

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A walk in the footsteps of Mr. Ševčík
When: Saturday, August 5 from 9:00 am
Where: start in Boskovice from the Blue tower
How much: starting fee 20 kroner

Why come: People will be able to follow in the footsteps of Mr. Ševčík on the first Saturday in August. He was an important clergyman who brought many positive things to Boskovicko. For example, he was responsible for the construction of the Boskovice grammar school. The walking route starts from the Blue Tower at Chapel St. Otília, the old highway from Bačov Vísek, where he also worked more than a hundred years ago. The entrance fee is 20 crowns, children and seniors are free.

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Country ball 2023
When: Saturday, August 5 from 8 pm
Where: western town of Boskovice

Why come: The Western city will action a positive dose of dance on Saturday. People can come here for a country ball. Visitors can dance on their cowboy boots to the sounds of LSD bands. The packages will continue until the end of the last holiday month. The final is due for August 26, also with the group LSD.

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Party suit Hustopeče
When: Friday 4 August from 15.00, Saturday 5 August from 10.00, Sunday 6 August from 11.00
Where: on Herbenova Street in Hustopeče

Why come: Hustopečská chasa cordially invites you to Hustopečská hody held on Herbenova Street in Hustopeče. A rich program is prepared for visitors. On Friday, it will start from three o’clock in the afternoon with the carrying of the maypole and the subsequent construction. On Saturday, people can wait for evening entertainment, and Sunday will offer more. It will begin with the Holy Mass, after a meeting of all the costumed people at the house of the first old woman. At three o’clock there will be afternoon entertainment with a children’s solo and a boot camp. Everything ends with an evening dance.

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Burger Street Festival Lednice
When: Friday, August 4 from 10:00 am
Location: Colonnade – Lednice
For how much: Free admission

Why come: Lednice smells of food. The Burger Street Festival is held here on the first Saturday in August. According to the organizers, people will enjoy the best burgers far and wide. They can also look forward to the best burger makers from all over the Czech Republic, street food – from salty to sweet and hot, many competitions for interesting prizes and, of course, great fun with family and friends.


St. Lawrence Festival 2023
When: Friday 4th August from 6:30pm, Saturday 5th August from 9am, Sunday 6th August from 10am
Location: Masaryk square, Hodonín

Why come: The St. Lawrence festivities are here. This year they will be held from Friday August 4th to Monday August 7th. A rich program full of fun and tradition awaits those present. On Saturday, the content of the day will be more varied. It starts at nine o’clock in the morning with the opening of the fair. It will continue with a historical parade and a theater for children. There will be a Holy Ghost Mass, as well as a costume parade on Sunday, a parade for the elderly and evening dance entertainment.

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August blush
When: Friday, August 4 from 5:30 pm
Where: Strážnice pier
For how much: Free admission

Why come: On the Strážnice pier, the first Friday of August will be held as part of the cultural summer. People can look forward to an evening full of positive entertainment as well as light boat cruises. The program begins at 5:30 pm with a play for children. He will continue with the country band Měcháči, Jazzbook and the band M&men’s. At ten o’clock in the evening, an action will come in the form of a cruise on the already mentioned lit boats.


Argema in Křižanovice
When: Friday, August 4 from 7:30 pm
Where: football field, Křižanovice
For how much: 400 crowns

Why come: The rock group Argema will start August in Křižanovice. The group was founded in 1982 by Josef Pavka, Stanislav Borovička, Oldřich Gistr, Zbyněk Bobr Horák, Josef and Karel Holomačov and Jaroslav Pavelka. The concert is due for Friday, August 4 at the local football field. The program will start at 7:30 in the evening with a band called Stíny z Oslavany. Argema himself will shine on the stage at 10:30 pm

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Summer Film Festival
When: from Friday, August 4 to Sunday, August 6 from 8 pm
Location: Palackého náměstí 1, Slavkov u Brno
How much: 110 crowns

Why come: With the beginning of the second half of the summer holidays, the summer film festival is also coming to Slavkov. From August 1 to 9, people can look forward to a varied cultural action in the castle park. On Friday, the Lost City will be shown on the screen, on Saturday, children will enjoy Puss in Boots: The Last Wish, and on Sunday, the sports, comic film Children of Nagana will be offered. It is a positive idea to pack a blanket and warm clothes in your backpack for the evening.

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