TMR started the construction of a new backbone ski slope in Ještěd

With a length of more than 1.5 kilometers and a width of 45 meters, the piste should offer greater comfort than in its current narrower form. As the building permit was only obtained this week, this year only landscaping and tree felling will be possible. Next year, it will be the turn of artificial lighting for night skiing and a snowmaking system, said the director of the area, Jakub Hanuš.

“It is a key project for the future of the Liberec complex,” said Čeněk Jílek, statutory director of TMR Ještěd. However, the project of the Nová Skalka ski slope and the overall modernization of the local ski resort in the past provoked opposition from ecologists due to the planned felling of trees. TMR Ještěd and the city of Liberec and the organization Městské lesy Liberec finally found common ground thanks to an agreement to protect nature on the Ještěd ridge despite the expansion of the sports complex.

As part of the agreement, TMR Ještěd concluded a memorandum with the city and Městské lesy. “What is currently there is not a center, not a complex that can be operated in any way. We didn’t take it with that. We took it with the intention of what the city obliged us to develop, “Rattaj said earlier. The operator of the TMR ski resorts also stated that it intends to invest a total of up to 700 million crowns in Ještěd.

In connection with the construction of a new ski slope, the resort will start offering year-round ski passes for three years from Thursday next week. The ticket will be usable not only in winter, but also in summer. “We perceive it not only as proof of our long-term and serious intention on Ještěd, but at the same time we want this season to help people form a stronger bond with Ještěd throughout the year,” said Hanuš. The three-year season ticket will cost 9990 crowns, for a junior or senior 7990 and for a child 6990. However, it will not apply to night skiing.

TMR has leased the nine-kilometer ski resort from the city since December 2017 for ten years with a recurring ten-year option. Last season, however, was not good for the resort’s operators, it was mainly affected by unfavorable weather. Attendance for last winter was at 40 percent of the current season, which is 65 to 70,000 skiers for Ještěd.


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