TNI members in Central Java are called LGBT involved when single

Semarang, CNN Indonesia –

Seven soldiers TNI involved cases of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) in Central Java admitted to having different sexual behavior when he was single. Their sexual desire begins to disappear when they have a wife and children.

This was conveyed by Lieutenant Colonel, Asmawi, Public Relations of Semarang Military Court II-10, Friday (16/10). Asmawi said that the seven TNI members who were dragged into the LGBT case currently have families, namely wives and children.

“From their confession, this (LGBT) relationship occurred when he was single. And according to them, this behavior has disappeared once he married, had a wife and children,” said Asmawi.

Meanwhile, Head of Military Court II-10 Semarang Colonel Moch Suyanto said the LGBT case of seven TNI members was still ongoing.

The seven members of the TNI consisted of 6 members of the Air Force, Serka RR, Pelda AN, Serka AD, Captain IC, Serka SGN, and Serka AAB, as well as a member of the Army Praka P.

“The process is still running until now. Six from the Air Force, one from the Army,” said Suyanto.

In accordance with applicable laws and regulations, TNI personnel who are dragged into LGBT cases will be charged under Article 103 of the Military Criminal Code related to non-compliance with orders from the leadership or Pasa 281 of the Criminal Code regarding immoral acts with the threat of being sentenced to dismissal from the TNI.

Previously, Chairman of the Military Chamber of the Supreme Court, Major General (Purn) Burhan Dahlan, revealed the emergence of LGBT groups within the TNI, especially among TNI AD officers. Burhan admitted that he got this information during a discussion at the TNI AD Headquarters.

He said LGBT groups in the military were led by sergeants with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. According to him, the emergence of LGBT among the TNI is not new because several years ago they had known about similar incidents.

On the other hand, military observer from Padjadjaran University, Muradi views the TNI should start considering accepting soldiers who have minority sexual interests. According to him, the TNI must be willing to accept prospective soldiers whose sexual behavior tends towards LGBT, not just those who are fans of the opposite sex.

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