To break the bad streak


The Gijón Circle wants to break its streak of three consecutive losses at LEB Plata for what it needs to beat this afternoon at the Palacio de los Deportes (20 hours) to Estela Cantabria, second classified, indicating the potential of its squad with which it seeks get into the ascent phase. The great asset for the people of Gijón is the recovery of the Portuguese Joaquín base, who lost two games and played a few minutes in the last day.

The Cantabrian team has a team in which virtually all of its players have been in higher categories such as Lucas Blasco, Daniel Bordignon, Álvaro Sanz, Carlos Toledo or especially Juan Pablo Sustina. The team also includes pivots Abdoulaye Ndoye, 2.10 tall, and Kenan Karahodzic, who played in the ranks of Oviedo Basketball,

For Nacho Galán, coach of the Gijoneses, "the squad of the Cantala Estela is impressive. Any of its eleven players would start in the other teams, but that means that there are problems to give everyone minutes and everyone feels protagonists. the entire interior game with four players above 2.05 and will come with great desire because they just got into the Juaristi, who was undefeated until that game. "

In the Gijón Circle, the start of the season of Jamal Rynolds, which leads the classification of scorers and the evaluation of the conference, and whose performance depends quite a lot on the final result of the team. Portuguese and Adon will also be key men when trying to add a new victory and break the negative streak.

The coach considers it decisive "to work very hard back. We have to correct our performance in defense because we make many mistakes and if we repeat them it will be impossible to win", Galán sees the team "well and with Portuguese already one hundred percent". The coach remembers that "our goal is to keep us at LEB Plata, while the Estela wants to ascend."

The club expects a good entry given the entity of the rival and also the possibility of dragging followers of Sporting, whose game ends minutes before the start of the Circle clash.

For its part, in the EBA League theNoxtrum Gijón Basketvisit the field of Aquimisa Carbajosa de Salamanca (20 hours) in a match in which the first two classifieds of the conference will be measured. The charros have won all the games played, while the Gijones lost one. It was in his last exit to the field of the University of León. The Aquimisa is presented as the main candidate to fight for the ascent to the LEB Silver, but the Gijon team, with the exception of the blur of León, is also at a high level, so the game is attractive.

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