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To hospital after accident in Froland

Introduction: “Subscription Terms and Conditions for Frolendingen AS: A Comprehensive Guide for Subscribers”

Subscribing to Frolendingen AS offers readers access to a variety of content. From the paper newspaper to all articles and the eAvis, the subscription aims to provide comprehensive news coverage to its subscribers. nonetheless, to ensure a smooth and mutually beneficial subscription action, it is crucial for both the readers and Frolendingen AS to understand and adhere to the set terms and conditions. This article will outline the key terms and conditions that govern the subscription process, including delivery and access, personal data handling, right of withdrawal, prices, payment options, and termination procedures. By familiarizing themselves with these terms, subscribers can make informed decisions and enjoy the full benefits of their Frolendingen AS subscription.


Subscription terms

Conditions for subscription to Frolendingen AS

1 Introduction

These terms and conditions apply to orders and purchases of subscriptions at Frolendingen AS.
The agreement is binding for both parties when Frolendingen AS has registered your order.

2. The contracting parties

These terms apply between you and
Frolendingen AS (Reg. no. 988 967 653 VAT)
Frolandsveien 985

3. The subscription includes

The subscription gives access to all content in Frolendingen AS. Through the subscription, you get access to the paper newspaper, all articles in Frolendingen and eAvis.

4. Delivery and access for the user

We deliver the paper newspaper to the address you have provided. You are obliged to ensure satisfactory marking at the place of delivery. Any changes to the place of delivery take place on terms that you can read more about on our website. Papiravisa delivers on Wednesdays.

5. Dishes

Username and password are personal and must not be shared with anyone other than those living in the household.
If you share your username and password in violation of this, Frolendingen AS can immediately close your access without you having any claim to a financial refund.

6. Right of withdrawal

When buying from Frolendingen AS online, you have the right of withdrawal in accordance with the Act on the obligation to provide information and the right of withdrawal, etc. in the case of distance sales and sales outside fixed points of sale.
The form for the right of withdrawal is included with the receipt of the order that you receive when ordering the subscription. You then have the right to withdraw from the agreement by notifying Frolendingen AS within 14 days after you have received the form for the right of withdrawal. You should give notice in writing.
If the subscription starts and is available to you during the period in which the right of withdrawal can be exercised, you must pay for the period in which you have received or had access to Frolendingen AS.

7. Personal data

Frolendingen AS stores and uses information about name, e-mail, address and telephone number, as well as information about any other bill payer.
By accepting these terms of use, you consent to Frolendingen AS’ handling of your personal data.
Frolendingen AS uses your information to implement and manage the contractual relationship. The information can also be used for Frolendingen AS to gain greater knowledge of the users so that the newspaper can develop and improve its products and subscription benefits.

You have the right to access the information that Frolendingen AS has registered about you. We ask that you contact us to correct any information that turns out to be incorrect. You can at any time demand that we delete the information, if this is no longer necessary to carry out the contractual relationship between you and Frolendingen AS.
You are obliged to keep Frolendingen AS up to date on changes of address or similar relevant to the subscription relationship. Such changes can be entered on your user profile at frolendingen.no, or by contacting our customer center at [email protected]
Frolendingen AS is responsible for handling the information about you. If you have any questions about the use of personal data, you can contact us at [email protected]

8. Prices

All stated prices include delivery in Norway.
When we ship outside Norway, special conditions apply.
Frolendingen AS has the right to change the price of your subscription.

9. Payment
The subscription must be paid in advance in accordance with the invoice depending on the subscription period you have chosen. The subscription can possibly be deducted from your account/credit card, if you have chosen such a payment method.
If you wish to enter into an agreement on e-invoicing or direct debit, contact your bank. With such an agreement, you do not have to pay a fee for a paper invoice.

10. Newspaper delivered late and newspaper not delivered

In the event of a delay or in cases where the paper newspaper is not delivered, Frolendingen AS has the right to re-deliver the newspaper at the next dispatch.
Delay or non-delivered paper newspaper does not give rise to a claim to an extension of the subscription period or any other form of remuneration as long as the newspaper is delivered afterwards.
Only paper newspapers can be stopped until further notice. The newspaper will then be taken care of. If a total system failure at Frolendingen AS means that the newspaper cannot be delivered either as a paper newspaper or in digital format, you are entitled to have the subscription period extended by the corresponding number of days that we are unable to deliver the newspaper.
If the paper newspaper is not delivered, call 37 23 65 00 as soon as possible. Our opening hours are 08:30 to 15:30 on weekdays. We are closed on Saturday and Sunday.

11. Period for subscription and termination

Frolendingen AS offers subscriptions with different periods.
Annual subscription lasts for 12 months and is maintained until cancelled.
Monthly subscriptions, weekly subscriptions and daily subscriptions only apply to the online newspaper/eAvisa, and only last for the paid period.
You can cancel your subscription to Frolendingen AS at any time. You can submit a notice of termination in writing or by telephone. Non-payment does not count as a termination of your contract.
Frolendingen AS can offer other periods and prices for subscriptions in campaigns. You cannot cancel an existing subscription in order to take out a new one at a promotional price.

12. Changes to the agreement

These terms apply from the time the agreement between you and Frolendingen AS is entered into and until new terms are published on the website.

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