Monday, 10 Dec 2018

To quit smoking: man puts head in cage

  • The 42-year-old Turk Ibrahim Yücel has his head locked in the cage every day
  • He believes that his last chance is to quit smoking

Ibrahim Yücel’s head is stuck. His face is barely visible through the golden bars. The 42-year-old Turk has his head locked in a cage in 2013. Only his wife has the key.

Yücel thinks that’s good. Because he wants to stop smoking at last and does not know how to help himself.

“I have been smoking for 26 years now and finally wants to stop it. But after a few days, I’ll start again and again, “he told the Turkish TV station “CU World TV” In 2013.

Only for dinner his wife opens the cage

Even when his father died of cancer due to his nicotine addiction, Yücel did not succeed in stopping. So he decided to take harder measures and built his own golden cage.

Yücel has the head cage from morning to night on. His wife opens him only for dinner. Even on family photos, Yücel poses in the cage.

He has become his trademark, but, much more than that, his last hope. Yücel finally wants to live without smoking. And hopefully someday also completely free, without a cage.

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