To the west, in the land of "Vermeilles"


One day, Camille Jourdy had to turn a paint shop and since, several pots in each pocket, she strolls over white pages to dump generously. We do not see other plausible explanations and as pleasing to so many colors in his last comic, the Vermeilles. Starting with the blanket where a fox, a dog and a little girl walk on a field of pink, white, green, blue, orange clouds, etc.

Perhaps it is a trip to LSD for children that the author wanted to propose to us there. Jo, a kid, is camping with her father, stepmother and two half-sisters. Not supporting her new stepfamily, she decides to escape to the woods where she meets a couple of elves riding mini-horses. She follows them through a tunnel and comes across a strange community where a peaceful cyclops, a fox, a crocodile wearing a leather jacket, a little boy with a cat's head and a whole lot of funny characters living in harmony, live. who speak and dress like humans. The people of the forest, in short, as regularly crossed in the undergrowth those who still know how to look. Unfortunately, he is threatened by a dirty cat who, in a permanent bad mood, tends to kidnap everything that moves, especially the vermis, small multicolored horses, and to lock them in his castle. Beware of those who displease him, the tyrant will be happy to nail them to the pillory. Any resemblance with Alice in Wonderland is not fortuitous as Camille Jourdy's album transpires from references to Lewis Carroll's tale. Here too, in an in between dream and reality, dreamlike moments and absurd and arbitrary rules mingle.

The drawing, which one would like to describe as "full-fledged choupinet", would push to perceive this initiatory story as an album only for the youngest ones. But his crazy side, apparently disordered, and 160 pages make it may be difficult for them to access while an adult can enjoy as much twists and different directions of reading. And remember the days when, as a child, he also escaped the supervision of his parents to live great adventures.

Quentin Girard

Quentin Girard

The Vermeilles of Camille Jourdy. Actes Sud BD, 160 pp., 21,50 €.

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