Tobruk government resigns after protests against shortages

The resignation of the provisional government headed by Abdallah al-Thani was announced following the urgent summons addressed to this government by Aguila Saleh, the head of the Parliament based in Tobruk. The latter is leading vigorous discussions to establish a single, true government of national unity, to reformulate the Presidential Council and to equitably redistribute the positions at the head of Libyan sovereign institutions among the three regions that make up Libya.

The Parliament spokesperson then announced that the decision regarding this government will be taken during a session of the House dedicated to this issue without however specifying a date. In the meantime, he continues to manage current affairs.

This resignation comes after four days of demonstrations in eastern Libya against degraded economic and social living conditions. These protests started in Tripoli and the west of the country last month. According to the protesters, this resignation aims to contain their anger, but it seems that it is already too late. For the first time, slogans hostile to the Khalifa Haftar camp were affixed to the walls of Benghazi. The demonstrations denouncing corruption accuse the Marshal’s son of stealing public money.


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